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Top-5 Most Demanded Jobs Of 2018

As we have a new year, we have to know what it brings. Here is a list of most popular jobs of this year.

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We are in 2018. A new year may be just a good chance to change your life in some way, or completely. As the world is changing by leaps and bounds, we have to keep the pace as Bon Jovi sings. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has recently announced the fields of expertise and occupations which are going to be in great demand in the nearest future. Whether you’re just starting your career path, or want to broaden your professional scope, here is what to expect from this and probably a few following years.

1.Health care industry

As life expectancy is getting longer (that is actually a huge plus), the aging population is only growing as a consequence. Hence, no matter how technologically developed the world is, the society is still in great demand of home health care services. Obviously, the BLS is not far from the truth with their statistics as the management of Anthony’s Home Care already supports it by saying: “You may not believe but during the last year the number of concerned relatives seeking our help is significantly increasing.” Caregivers keep an eye on the elderly and help them with household chores, except for that they make a company to elderly people as the latter lack communication while their kin is busy working days and nights.

Except for caregivers, the home health care field includes nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, etc.

2.Information Technology

It’s quite predictable, but still. Yes, we need technicians badly. We need those who make programs and apps, deal with both software and hardware issues, cope with immense databases and ensure network security and, in general, push this world forward where two-thirds of Americans already expect to see robots and AI simplifying our lives in each and every sphere of our everyday life in the nearest future.

The information technology sphere is usually made up by developers, software engineers, analysts, security architects, etc.


There is a bunch of big enterprises, conglomerates, and small and mid-size companies. Some companies are flourishing, some are going bust. There are definitely lots of reasons for both options but on top of them is management. Top, middle and small managers are responsible for company’s ups and downs: strategies, projects, collaboration with co-workers, supervision, motivation, etc.

Managers are engaged in literally every sphere of company life from recruitment in IT companies to supply chains at plants and factories. Though the most demanded in 2018 are still project managers, auditors, accountants, etc.


Trainers and teachers are in high demand but not in the way they were before. Sure, there must be people teaching kids but it’s not about them now, fortunately or unfortunately. Anyway, we suffer a shortage of modern teachers who know brand-new technologies and have a strong technical background; those who can teach future generations to deal with robotics and robotic technologies, as well as programming languages on a high level. Some researchers claim that one-third of the workplaces in robotics will be vacant by 2020 as there still will be few specialists in this branch able to take them over. Can you believe this?


The world of the future needs innovations and new inventions in all spheres of life but mostly in medicine and information technologies (no need to explain why). People involved in R&D could be specialists in different areas of expertise.

Mostly R&D welcome biology engineers, pharmacists, analysts, physicians, chemists, mathematicians, etc.

Though numerous researches claim that in the following several years robots will deprive people of 5m workplaces in 15 developed countries, people in the fields mentioned above cannot be substituted with the robots however sophisticated the latter are. Still, we have to remember that each next “generation” of robots will be smarter and more efficient, so it’s high time to be exclusively selective when it comes to the choice of career path.

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