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PSA: Basically Everyone Has Cellulite And It's Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Just call me Cellulite Sally.

Fact: Cellulite is totally normal, and you can be any size or shape and have it.

Reality: Despite its prevalence, people with cellulite are often given a hella hard time about it.


Like, no joke.

people think you have to be a sociopath to love someone with cellulite. this is the world we live in. go planet ear…

Concept: What if cellulite were actually nothing to be ashamed of? And what if we were to embrace our skin, dimples and all?

Maybe it's beautiful and real.

Cellulite and stretch marks so u know it's real

Maybe it's cute AF.

tummies and cellulite are CUTE and nothing to be ashamed of 💕

It makes you, you.

#StretchmarkAppreciation - I'm just genetically predisposed to have #cellulite and that's the way I am 🙏🏻

It keeps you, you.

I may have cellulite but I can still steal your man

It's not a flaw.

Tbh I love this picture even though u can see my cellulite bc no one is perfect okay :-)

It's not something to cover up.

It's part of your body.

I luv my legs with all its cellulite and glory 💕

And it's nearly impossible to get rid of entirely.

Why should you fret over skin you can't change?

See that cellulite? Yeah, I don't care, I'm happy with my body & could care less about what people think about it 😋

With or without it, you're enough.

I'm Grace, I've got cellulite, I've got wobbly bits, I've got no thigh gap. Im bikini ready 365 and I'm enough 💕🍹🍉💦🍍

Every bit of you is lovable.

Love ur cellulite, love ur lil bum, love ur thick thigh, LOVE UR BODY AND WORK IT!!!!!!!

Cellulite included.

I love my body. stretch marks, cellulite, muffin top, awkwardly placed moles, freckles, blemishes and all 💕

After all:

~ Cellulite Sally 4 life! ~

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