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16 Times Bella Thorne Was A Damn Style Goddess On Instagram

#OOTD goals.

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1. When she sported the cutest dang Canadian tuxedo:

2. And looked like Daphne from Scooby-Doo come to life:

3. When she dominated the two-piece trend:

4. And was a flawless dream in cut-outs:

5. When her manicure was so on fleek that it redefined the phrase "on fleek":

6. When she threw it back with a denim skirt:

7. When she couldn't be bothered to put her coat on all the way:

8. When she reintroduced us to wide-legged pants:

9. When she was a total babe in black:

10. And then was a queen of color:

11. When she killed the jumpsuit game:

12. When she went cray-cray for creme:

13. When she donned black and white:

14. When she took it to the beach:

15. When she kept it casual:

16. And, of course, when she slayed Coachella:

Stay stylish, Bella! 💋

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