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    15 Things Only "Zoey 101" Fans Will Remember

    Are you ready? Ooh ooh oooooooooh.

    1. Every word to this cheer:

    2. When Quinn altered the genetic structure of bananas and apples to invent banapples:

    3. Saying "cotton schwabs" instead of Q-Tips because of Stacey Dillson:

    4. Admiring Zoey's key necklace:

    Jewellery goals.

    5. Thinking Jet-X was the coolest method of transportation:

    "Is it a scooter?" "No, it's a Jet-X!"

    6. Hardcore jamming to the show's theme song:

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    7. Wishing there was a Sushi Rox on your campus:

    Owned and run by Kazu, of course.

    8. Wishing your parents would send you to super-cool California boarding school:

    9. Your original problematic fave/fuckboi:

    10. Craving a Blix even though it's a fictional beverage:

    11. Being jealous that Logan's rich dad just GAVE everybody a TekMate:

    12. The dorm advisor who cried about her ex-boyfriends and ate ravioli out of the can:

    Good ol' Coco Wexler.

    13. Taking fashion inspiration from these style icons:

    14. The biggest plot twist of your childhood:

    15. And when Chase accidentally told Zoey that he loved her, resulting in the MOST INTENSE CLIFFHANGER OF ALL TIME:

    It sure was great while it lasted. *sigh*

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