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16 Cats Who Are Lucky They Have Nine Lives

Protect these creatures at all costs.

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2. This cat who is somehow inside the ceiling:

3. This cat who landed a 9-foot drop unscathed:

Moment of silence for my cat who rolled off a 9-foot ledge today. He's not dead or hurt, just dumb. πŸ˜ΉπŸ™„


5. This cat who wouldn't stop until she got the dot:

Instagram: @nientaltrocheivano

7. This cat who slipped on stainless steel:

#TB to when Topanga slipped on her way down from the cupboard. She wasn't hurt! Cory sure wasn't much help though. 😊


9. This cat who got too caught up in the chase:

Instagram: @pauladamczyk

10. This cat who got stuck in a hanger:

My cat got stuck in a hanger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

11. This cat who took an unwanted dip:

Instagram: @theevergreenvegan

13. This cat who just wanted a snack:

My grandmothers cat is so stupid... she thought she could get some Krystal's but it back fired..

14. This cat who lost his balance in the garden:

Instagram: @katrinawilsonphotography

15. This cat who couldn't see where she was going but kept going anyway:

Instagram: @yourqueendora

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