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15 Times Zoe Sugg Was Your Absolute Favorite Person On Earth

A true ~girl online~ to look up to.

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1. When she opened up about her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks:

2. And when she was self-positive:

3. When she and Alfie Deyes were the literal cutest couple:

4. When she threw her puppy, Nala, a first birthday party:

Complete with Pug-shaped cookies and dog-friendly PUPcakes.

Complete with Pug-shaped cookies and dog-friendly PUPcakes.


5. When she hosted the most Insta-worthy night picnic ever:

6. When she baked like she was a Food Network goddess or something:

7. When she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself:

8. When she posed with her Madame Tussaud's wax figure:




9. When she proudly went braless:

10. When she dressed Nala up for Halloween:

11. ...and again at Christmas...

12. ......And for no occasion at all:


13. When she channeled her inner Sid The Sloth:

14. When she admitted to having a serious pizza addiction:

15. And, of course, when she looked like an actual fairy princess:

Stay cute, Zoe!

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