How To Clean Your Car’s Headlights With Toothpaste

Save Your Money, And Reach For That Bathroom Cupboard!

1. So You’re Driving Along And Notice That Your Headlights Suck!

2. And Your Significant Other Keeps Pestering You To Buy New Ones

3. Well You Could Buy One Of Those Fancy Cleaning Kits But…

4. But Fear Not Road Warriors! We’ve Got A Solution For You!

5. It’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Toothpaste!

6. What You’ll Need

-A Few Cleaning Rags
-A Water Bottle For Rinsing

7. Note: Before You Start, I Suggest You Wash Your Lights The Best You Can

8. 1. Apply A Good Amount Of Toothpaste To A Rag

9. 2. Apply It Evenly Onto The Headlight

10. 3. Make Sure You Are Actively Scrubbing With A Clean Rag

11. 4. And It Should Look Like This, Good Job!

12. 5. Finally, Give It A Good Rinse

15. Now You’re Ready To Hit The Town!

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