30 Awesome DIY Planters To Restore Your Faith In Gardening

Gardening Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore, It Can Be Really Fun With These Cool Planters, You Can Build Yourself!

7. A Colander Planter

Colanders are actually kind of perfect planters since they let your plants breathe and drain.

9. A Picture Frame Planter

10. A Chandelier Planter

11. A Handbag Planter

12. A Lunchbox Planter

13. A Paint Can Planter

14. A Birdcage Planter

15. A Sun Hat Planter

17. A Fisherman’s Planter

21. A Watering Can Planter

22. Antique Container Planters

23. A Cork Planter

28. A Cinder Block Planter

30. A Pocket Altoids Garden

Happy Gardening, Friends!

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