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8 Generalisations Aussies Are So Over Hearing

Let's bust all those myths, once and for all!

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1. "Your accents are basically British accents!"

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While our country has a historically British influence (as does the United States) Australians have developed their own distinctive accent, and it is awesomely unique.

Comparing Aussie accents to British ones is like comparing American and Canadian accents. Very different!

2. "You guys all surf!!"


While Australia is home to some exquisite beaches that are perfect for surfing, most Australians do not fit into this stereotype.

Some people surf, some people hike, some people lay in bed watching Netflix.

3. "You guys must walk around terrified of death by spiders!!!11"

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"There have been no deaths in Australia from a confirmed spider bite since 1979" - See more at:

Luckily we have anti-venoms now! So while there are dangerous spiders out there, it is not something we think about 24/7.

Plus we don't have bears. Bears will mess you up.

4. "You guys are crazy for liking Vegemite!! So groossss!"


OK LET'S BUST THIS. People do not eat vegemite out of the jar. Why would you eat yeast extract out of the jar? In spoonfuls? You da crazy one!

You melt butter on toast, and then apply a thin, even layer of Vegemite. Enjoy with a cup of English Breakfast/Early Grey tea. You're welcome.

7. "You must love having such hot weather all the time!!"

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The northern parts of Australia are considered tropical in climate, but the southern parts of Australia have a temperate climate.

The capital cities in the south don't exactly get snowfall, but we do get temperatures as low as 0 degrees celsius in Winter!

We get pasty and wear scarves and everything.

8. "You guys must have Kangaroos as pets!"


I hate to break it to you, but in Australia, we eat Kangaroos. They are an excellent source of lean protein. I'm not even kidding.

When we see them around, we mostly just leave them be.

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