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5 Upcoming Aussie TV Shows You Should Be Pumped For

Television lovers rejoice!

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1. The Family Law


The Family Law is an upcoming series about a Chinese-Australian family living on the Sunshine coast, told from the point of view of 14 year old Benjamin Law.

The series is based on the acclaimed book of the same title, and is set to air on SBS in 2016.

2. The Principal

SBS One / Via

This upcoming Drama is the story of a former deputy turned Principal who starts working at a troubled school. His efforts in reforming the school are met with resistance at first, and soon after settling in, a dramatic death occurs on the school grounds.

This dramatic thriller, starring Alex Dimitriades as the Principal is set to air on SBS One in late 2015.

3. Heaps Good Hostel


Created by Adelaide-based Stephen Banham, this SBS original comedy has taken its influence from the British sitcoms that we adore. Like genius comedies Black Books and The IT Crowd, Heaps Good Hostel celebrates the local idiosyncrasies of a small town, and moves towards creating a shift in Australia's comedy culture.

This one has not yet been picked up by any networks (boo), but you can watch the pilot episode here!

4. The Ex-PM

ABC / Via

This six part series is a comedy written by and starring national treasure Shaun Micallef. In it he plays a fictional ex-Prime Minister of Australia, manoeuvring his way through life after once being a very, very important man.

The show is set to air on ABC later on this year.

5. Tomorrow When The War Began


Based on the books by John Marsden, TWTBG will be a television series of the same name. Little is known yet about production, and casting is still in progress. Exciting!

The series will air in 2016.

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