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    Posted on Oct 28, 2017

    16 Gross Moments In Life That Make You Want To Cringe Just A Tiny Little Bit Each Time

    **gagging** **doesn't stop**

    1. When you wash your hands and need to dry them, but the towel is damp:

    Twitter: @primaddna


    2. When you clean the kitchen sink drain:

    Twitter: @gabeXbossio / Via

    Don't look at the mush don't look at the mush don't look at the mush

    3. When you clean out the fridge and have to throw out spoiled food:

    Twitter: @renata_rbz

    Don't smell it don't smell it don't smell it

    4. When something cold in a plastic bag touches your skin:

    Twitter: @_thalesmelo

    So cold. So plasticky.

    5. When someone else's wet hair touches you:

    Little slimy snakes.

    6. When the wet shower curtain clings to your naked, vulnerable body:

    Twitter: @UiLacrei

    NoOOoOooOOOOoOo make it stoppppp

    7. When you have to pick up wet paper:


    8. When you sit down somewhere, and the seat's still warm:

    Twitter: @camrenahIsDead

    And oh there's the butt outline.

    9. When you dump your lunch out of your Tupperware, and it's still the shape of the container:

    Twitter: @EdLimah84

    Guess I'll be having spaghetti cake?

    10. Or when all the oil and fat in your leftovers have solidified:

    Twitter: @Dakoholic_br

    "I ate that?"

    11. When you smell or taste cold coffee:

    Twitter: @confodent

    Yeah that's gonna be a nope for me.

    12. When you've just showered but now need to take a dump:

    Twitter: @stainedrew

    Body y r u like this

    13. When you're walking around tall buildings and keep getting mysterious wet drips on you:

    Twitter: @quenojo_


    14. The way your hand smells after holding metal:

    Twitter: @riv0tril_

    How is it 2017 and we are still using coins though.

    15. Stepping in a puddle:

    NBC / Via

    Well fuck.

    16. Stepping in a puddle — with socks on.

    Twitter: @odonvghue


    The stories in this post were shared by readers in the BuzzFeed Brasil Facebook group.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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