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    If You Have Sweaty Hands, You'll Feel These 14 Problems So Hard

    There are two kinds of people in this world: the sweaty, and the sweated on.

    1. You've probably been the laughingstock in the family since you were a kid.

    Nothing more unfortunate than being a kid with sweaty hands.

    2. You get unreasonably nervous when you have to shake somebody's hand.

    You constantly dry your hands off on your clothes and are afraid that people just think you didn't wash your hands.

    3. You come close to having a legit panic attack when your crush moves in to hold your hand.

    You keep trying to find a casual way to let go ASAP, or to avoid hand-holding entirely.

    4. You find yourself constantly apologizing for having sweaty hands.

    "Sorry but this is me."

    5. In class, times were tough because your hands were always stained with pen ink.

    Twitter: @needspjm

    The sweat-ink ratio was never great.

    6. And the pages of your notebooks were always a little wrinkly.

    Twitter: @tetsmatheus

    Textbooks, too.

    7. You're basically a human magnet for glitter, confetti, and sand.

    Literally everything sticks to your hands.

    8. Some days, you can literally see the sweat droplets you leave on your phone screen.

    Twitter: @obrunoferreiraa

    It's a lifestyle.

    9. To be honest, touch screens in general are a total nightmare.

    It takes you FOREVER to use an ATM.

    10. And when you're finally in a relationship, you still apologize regularly for getting their hands sweaty.

    :( Sorry babe.

    11. Your hands slip and slide all over the place when you exercise.

    Any promising career as a professional athlete has been dashed due to sweaty palms.

    12. Playing an instrument becomes a whole other kind of challenge.

    Twitter: @chazzsutton

    The strings actually rust, and you have to dry your hand off between strums...

    13. And, if you like to cook, it's impossible to add "just a pinch" of anything.

    The salt all sticks to your hand!

    14. And finally, you have Googled ways to get rid of sweaty hands more than once.


    Make it stop how do I make it stop???

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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