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    Posted on Oct 24, 2017

    15 People Living With Depression Share What Has Helped Them

    Maybe one of them can help you.

    All of these tips were shared in a post about experiencing depression in the BuzzFeed Brazil group on Facebook.

    Submissions may be edited for clarity and length.

    1. "I started to write whenever I was in a bad way."

    2. "I made a bullet journal."


    "I made a bullet journal for myself, and it's really helping me to maintain a routine or at least police myself to make the day more or less continue on, y'know!? On top of that, planning helps me to finish all of my things to do, and I don't feel useless." — Rita de Cássia

    3. "I started practicing meditation."

    "Check out Vipassana meditation and videos from S.N. Goenka. It has truly changed my life, and could be useful to you." — Ingridhy Toniolo

    4. "I started a succulent collection."

    5. "I took some time to let the sun shine on my face."

    6. "I would have a beauty day every time that I was down in the dumps."

    "It was tough to start, but after some time, I got into it. I tried out new formulas for moisturizing my hair, did my makeup every day, and always had my nails nicely polished." — Francielly Melo

    7. A punching bag

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    "I bought a sandbag — one of those ones that you punch. All of my rage and anguish turns into punches and kicks. It seems silly but I've gotten a lot better since I started to externalize my feelings." — Victor Zimmer

    8. "I took some time off from Facebook."

    "Facebook makes things a lot worse. When I was depressed, I took some time off from Facebook, and things got a bit better." — Anna Valentine Garcia

    9. "Exercise."

    "Exercise. I hate to admit it, but it made a difference." — Marta Preuss

    10. "Music saved my life."

    11. "I use an app."

    12. "Working with my hands."

    13. "I put up a sticker to remind me that it will pass."

    14. "Solitaire or sudoku."

    Remember: These aren't meant to be replacements for professional treatment, but they're tactics that have helped others and might work for you, too. Be sure to work with a professional to find the best treatment for you.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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