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    Posted on May 13, 2017

    15 Images That Are Painful To Anyone Who Suffers From Misophonia

    Misophonia is the DREAD of small, irritating sounds.

    Misophonia is a cognitive condition that causes hypersensitivity to certain audible stimuli. Misophonia sufferers aren't generally disturbed by loud or cacophonous sounds, but rather very specific auditory triggers.

    1. It can be painful to hear someone blowing their nose or clearing their throat nearby.

    2. Maybe you've given up on going to the movies with your crush, just to avoid the massive group chewing session.

    3. You secretly want to install shock absorbers in all of your coworkers' keyboards.

    4. You love pretty nails, but hate them when they're tapped against hard surfaces.

    5. You're extremely grateful that white boards came into style.

    6. But even those glassy, shiny whiteboards can be torture in the wrong hands.

    7. You know that the real reason they invented bathroom doors wasn't for privacy on the toilet.

    8. Beyoncé, we love you, but SERIOUSLY ... please stop chewing your gum like that.

    9. Fine. You're going to chew gum. We can't stop you. But if you do, please don't smack it. Those loud little bubbles are so damn unpleasant.

    10. You never wanted to be like this, but you can't help but suffer when someone takes a chomp out of something crunchy.

    Even the word "CRUNCHY" gives you a bad feeling!

    11. You've always heard that chips are bad for your health, but they seem especially bad for your health in particular. Specifically your mental health.

    12. You can really identify with Lisa in this GIF:

    13. And you think straws should be outlawed.

    14. And that people who slurp noodles or soup should be sent to prison for life.

    15. Thanks Britney. You're literally ruining my life right now.

    HELP ME!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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