9 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Glitter

    It's even been used for military purposes! Buuuuut it can also be not so great for the environment.

    1. There is an evolutionary reason why we are so attracted to glitter.

    2. Glitter has been around since ancient times.

    3. But glitter as we know it today was actually invented by accident by a machinist.

    4. Glitter is made more or less like this:

    5. Did you know that glitter has even been used for military purposes?

    6. Here is a brief guide to getting glitter off any part of your body:

    7. Glitter at the scene of a crime is every investigator's dream.

    8. Glitter can be an enemy to the environment.

    9. But if you still want to sparkle without messing up the planet, don't worry! You can buy eco-friendly glitter!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.