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    15 Answers To The Questions You Ask Yourself At 3 A.M.

    "Do helicopters have horns?"

    Everyone on Twitter likes to go one about going to bed early, then getting sucked into something pointless, so we decided to find some answers to those weird questions that pop into your head at 3 a.m. every night.

    1. "What's the difference between regular mint and peppermint?"

    Twitter: @Nat_Soares7

    According to Imperial Sugar, mint and peppermint are both names used to refer to plants in the Mentha family. The most popular variations are spearmint and peppermint. The first has a smoother flavor and is used in cooking, while the latter has a stronger flavor that's more often used in toothpaste. Mint extract you buy in the store is a mixture of spearmint and peppermint.

    2. "What's the difference between butter and margarine?"

    Twitter: @search

    According to kitchn, butter is derived from animal-based products, resulting from the churning of dairy cream. Margarine, on the other hand, comes from vegetable-based products, and is made up of oil, water, salt, and emulsifiers.

    3. "Can an ice bath help you lose weight?"

    Twitter: @fatgirlnever

    According to this Wired UK article, there is research that suggests that low temperatures can help activate brown fat, a type of fat responsible for increased caloric burn.

    In a small 2014 study, people exposed to a cold environment demonstrated an increase in the quantity of brown fat present in their bodies and a resulting increase in metabolic activity. Despite this, it's important to point out that there's no research proving or suggesting that bathing in cold water is going to help you burn weight.

    4. "Who invented carrot cake?"

    Twitter: @juziuzi

    It's hard to say for certain who exactly made the first carrot cake, but we know that the recipe is pretty old. According to Gastronomy612, carrots have been used as a natural sweetener since the medieval era, when sugar and other sweeteners were too rare or expensive for everyday use.

    5. "Do deaf people have an inner voice?"

    Twitter: @jaureguinhell

    According to the blog Dichotomistic, if someone is profoundly deaf, meaning they've never been able to hear and therefore never developed spoken language fully, it still works the same way. They will respond to stimuli using their instincts. That means that if someone communicates through signs, when they "hear" their inner voice (or more accurately, visualize it) it is in sign language.

    6. "If I buy a truck online, does it ship in an even bigger truck?"

    Twitter: @sabioamadeu

    According to eBay, yes! Trucks and other cars can be shipped on "car hauler" trailers, though it can be expensive, slow, and difficult to coordinate. If you can take the time, you're probably better off just getting a ride to your new truck and driving it home.

    7. "Do helicopters have horns?"

    Twitter: @Malu_Dornelas

    According to Wagner Garbelini, director of the Aerocurso aviation school in Brazil, a helicopter doesn't have the same type of horn that a car does, but it does have alarms that inform the pilot when something's wrong with the aircraft. In most cases, a plane or helicopter would only have a horn to get someone's attention on promotional flights.

    8. "Can you eat the wrapping paper gum comes in?"

    Twitter: @search

    Yes, you could, but you shouldn't. According to the FDA, gum wrappers are not intended for human consumption, but are not toxic and should not be harmful when consumed in small amounts.

    9. "Who opens the door for the bus driver to get on?"

    Twitter: @isBlTCH

    If you've ever gotten off a bus at the last stop, you may have seen the driver get off after everyone else for a break or to switch out with another driver. They'll usually just leave the door open when they leave, but they don't just leave the busses open all the time, do they? Nope! There's a release switch on the outside of the bus that can open and close the door.

    10. "Is there such a thing as foot implants?"

    Twitter: @lixehumane

    Yes! In fact, there are several. According to Good Morning Brazil, there are implants that pull away bunions, others that are fat injections to help with jumping, and there are even surgeries that change the shape of your toes and the spaces in between them.

    11. "How was popcorn discovered?"

    Twitter: @juziuzi

    According to, people have been popping corn for thousands of years. The Aztecs were thought to have used it as decoration and in ceremonies as well.

    12. "What is the secret formula for the krabby patty?"

    Twitter: @FernandoCost_

    Tough to say! For a while, if you searched for it, Google would just SHOW YOU the secret formula (the key ingredient was thought to be "King Neptune's Poseidon Powder.") But since it's a cartoon, it's all just made up anyway!

    13. "Is it bad luck to kill a cricket?"

    Twitter: @lukabornes

    According to, some cultures say that finding a cricket in your house is sign of impending fortune. So, if you kill that cricket, then you won't be getting that fortune. It's kind of like giving yourself bad luck, right? Why risk it?

    14. "Do ants fart?"

    Twitter: @YuriCazari_

    No one knows for certain, but probably not. Here's a list of animals who fart, and ants aren't listed. Murakami Takashiro, an ant specialist from Fukushima, Japan, says that he's never seen a single reference to ants being able to fart. But it's a well-known fact that termites fart a lot! A fifth of all methane gas in the world comes from termites!

    15. "Why does shampoo open on the top and conditioner on the bottom?"

    Facebook: gifsdosfalsetes

    The consistency of shampoo is more like liquid, so it makes sense to put the opening on top so that it doesn't leak or so you don't end up with more coming out than you need. On the other hand, conditioner is more dense, and it's better for the opening to be on the bottom so you can get the conditioner out of the bottle easier.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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