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    31 Things From Target That’ll Help Make Everyday Life Feel A Little Fancier

    Because you deserve to feel special every single day. 🎩

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A velvet tufted stitch quilt so you feel like you're sleeping in a bed fit for royalty. The stunning fabric has a beautiful shine, and you'll be excited to show off your room. Plus, think of the glorious naps you could take with this.

    2. A gold temperature control smart mug that'll make it easy to enjoy your favorite hot beverages at the exact temperature you want. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours and a smart LED for the perfect temperature, you'll love how ~extra~ you'll feel.

    An adult sits on a couch in a sweater holding the gold mug  that says "ember" and smiling

    3. An accent C-table for a sleek addition to your space. The mix of wood, steel and clean lines will make you swoon. You'll be sure to use the storage all the time. Think junk drawer, but *classy.*

    The black and oak colored table has a clean still frame and a small open drawer

    4. A Persian-style area rug to add a big piece of visual interest to your space. The beautiful colors and intricate design make an alluring addition. You'll love looking at it every day.

    The blue and orange toned rug has diamond shaped and patterned layers

    5. A marble utensil holder that'll make you feel like you're cooking in a 5-star restaurant. Keep your favorite tools organized while adding a bit of clean design to your home. Cute, cute, cute!

    The grey and white marble utensil holder has wooden tools inside

    6. A set of floral fairy string lights to instantly make your space feel more ethereal. The energy-efficient LED bulbs can be both festive and casual. Just think about turning these on and sitting down with a good book.🧚

    The white floral string lights have small green leaves and 20 warm bulbs

    7. A marble top side table that you can use for plants, next to your bed or to hold a lamp. Made from mango wood and marble, this small-yet-mighty table stands out. *Add to cart.*

    The table has three light brown wooden legs, a triangular shelf base and a circular top of white marble

    8. An oval serving platter in marble and wood to elevate your next dinner party or picnic. This piece is hand-finished in India and made from solid white marble and sheesham wood. It will look exquisite wherever you decide to place it.

    The oval platter is mostly white marble with a small sliver of dark wood on the bottom

    9. An upholstered dining chair made from textured linen and a hardwood frame. The bold color choices and tactile interest will make you feel fancy and sophisticated. Time to sit pretty, regardless of whether you're eating the weekend's leftovers or a gourmet meal.

    10. A boho-chic mirror to remind you that you're a baddie every time you look into it. The elegant design can fit well with any pre-existing decor and has just enough flair to make you feel fancy.

    The light brown wood mirror has an arched shape at the top and bottom

    11. A velvety oblong throw pillow because look how frickin' cute it is. Whether you throw one on your bed, couch or chair, you'll love how fancy they'll make your space look! SO plush.

    There are a set of peach and olive colored pillows with horizontal plush indents

    12. A glass bud vase for holding your favorite fresh or dried flowers. These uniquely-shaped vases will add a modern and clean look to your home. 🌸🌼

    13. A matte gold lantern candle holder so you can add some warm wintery vibes. This chic design can be decorative or functional, and paired with real candles or LED. 🕯️

    The gold lantern has clean designs and made from sturdy metal

    14. A gold metal planter that'll add a luxurious feel to your home. Take your plant game up another level with this shiny, yet completely practical piece. 🌿

    The planter is a tall vertical, shiny gold vase

    15. A decorative gold swan dish to hold your jewelry or other small items. This fancy little swan is an eye-catching piece of decor all by itself. ~So glamorous.~

    The gold swan shaped jewelry holder has a long base and swan piece accents

    16. A set of three aluminum candle holders that are of various heights and hold standard taper candles. Add some warmth and sophistication to your space with these gothic yet modern pieces.

    There are three different height gold handle holders with lit white taper candles

    17. A walnut finish wall clock with a minimalist, mid-century look that will fancy up your home. The natural look gives off a clean and contemporary vibe while also adding an easy time reference for your convenience. Pretty cool!

    The clock has a wood pattern and round metal brass frame with brass hands and tick marks

    18. A round metal drink table because imagine how bougie you will feel while sipping your nightcap from a brass table just for YOU. The iron frame is durable and small enough to fit into most compact spaces, too.

    19. A textural ceramic mini lamp to add a lovely, warm feel to your home. With a one-way switch and color-block pattern, this light mixes practicality and style. Think cute coffee shop or ceramics class kind of vibe.

    The lamp has a deep brown colored textured base with a small strip of neutral at the bottom and is turned on with a warm glow coming out of the drum shade

    20. A thin brass poster frame that'll showcase your favorite art in an elegant way. This frame can hold a 20x24 poster or a 16x20 image with a mat. Stunning.

    21. A ladder bookshelf to hold all of your favorite decor and reading materials. The metal frame makes it durable and the five open shelves offer easy storage — all without sacrificing those fancy vibes you're seeking. You'll feel professional *and* classy.

    The black metal frame and dark brown shelves are holding books, plants and other decor in a home office

    22. A velvet sectional sofa that has a reversible chaise. The plush pillow design makes this a super comfy piece of furniture that also has an aesthetically appealing, and extremely posh, look. Whether you're bingeing Netflix or hosting a dinner party, you'll feel ~divine.~

    The black sofa has an L shape and five pillows

    23. A square upholstered cube ottoman because it'll add an elevated, neutral seating space or place to rest your feet. Whether it's used as an ottoman, coffee table, your cat's favorite chair or just something pretty to look at — you'll love it.

    The white upholstered cube has a rounded top and fuzzy sides all around

    24. Or a double storage ottoman for that "it kinda looks like I live in a mansion" vibe. The guilt-free faux leather adds a sophisticated look — plus, this piece can be used as a coffee table, storage piece or seat!

    The caramel colored faux leather ottoman is long and rectangular with short brown feet on the bottom

    25. A luxe three-drawer dresser because it looks so freakin' FANCY. The geometric design and brass detailing makes it seem like you got it from an artisanal furniture boutique and its solid wood construction means it will last a long time. Chic to the max.

    the solid wood dresser in walnut finish

    26. A wood writing desk with that coveted boho style. The round rectangular top and shiny gold handles shaped like bamboo are the epitome of fancy. You need this desk!

    The white desk has a rounded rectangular top and gold bamboo-like handles

    27. A silicone round ice cube tray because no one can tell us they don't feel fancy while drinking out of a glass with spherical ice. Channel your inner Gatsby with this fun mold for your cocktails that's super easy to use and dishwasher safe!

    A small clear glass is fulled almost halfway with amber liquid and a large spherical ice cube

    28. A four-pack of martini glasses that have a classic silhouette to perfectly contain this elegant drink. Time to sit back and sip out of these glamorous glasses ~Bond style.~

    The clear martini glass is 3/4 of the way filled with a clear liquid and three green olives

    29. A scented candle by This Woman's Work to add notes of bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood, apple, and lavender to your day. This candle is from a Black-owned business and is vegan! Plus, the amber jar it comes in can be reused long after the candle has burned out. What's not to love?

    30. A "Guard Your Spirit" spiral journal that's created by Be Rooted, which is the first Black-owned stationery brand sold at Target. Use this journal as a diary, planner, or for anything else you wish to jot down! Feel fancy, inspired and loved.

    The journal has a light blue background and an illustration of an adult with dark skin, a coral hair wrap with, three layered gold-colored necklaces and a light pink top

    31. A round cone leg ottoman made from 100% cotton and with a ton of soft padding. The floral print makes this a fun and trendy addition. This piece is an easy way to spruce up drab decor!

    The pink, blue and yellow toned floral ottoman has four light wooden legs

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