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    28 Reviewer-Loved Things From Chewy That’ll Make Being A Pet Parent A Little Easier

    It's time to spoil your fluffy friends *and* yourself.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Fun Feeder interactive dog bowl to help your pup slow down and stay engaged while eating. This bowl is made of pet-friendly materials and you can just pop it into the dishwasher to clean it! *Drool.*

    A golden retriever is eating out of a purple bowl with various ridges and sections

    Promising review: "We ordered this for our 2-year-old Lab who tended to gulp her food. It has worked wonderfully. She still goes at her food like it's the last meal she will eat on this earth but she has to lick it out of the space instead of inhaling mouthfuls at a time. It has slowed her down significantly. It is also a substantial bowl, nicely weighted on the bottom so that it would be difficult for her to flip over to dump the food. Well made, cute color, effective. Highly recommend for fast eaters." —LabMom

    Price: $8.25 (originally $19.99, available in two sizes)

    2. A jumbo hooded cat pan so you can keep the litter INSIDE instead of outside of the box. The hooded lift will make it easy to clean and the large size makes it easy to fit multiple cats. Finally, a hassle-free litter box experience. Trust us, it makes a difference.

    The box has a dark grey bottom and a light grey top with a black filter and clear door

    Promising review: "I’m a real customer and I seldom write reviews, but I am so happy I chose this litter box. I have one 11-lb male cat and he loves the size of this jumbo litter box. He does his business standing and the bottom is tall enough for him, even in the front. He never reaches the seam. I saw other reviews about the flap door sticking, but maybe they’ve improved the design because there’s no way that it can stick; the flap door easily clears it. It’s easy to clean with the top fold-back flap and the slides that hold the top to the bottom work perfectly. They snap in place to let you know you’ve secured them properly. The white with the animal print also adds attractiveness in the area where I have to put it because I live in a condo. I shopped carefully before buying, and it’s everything I wanted it to be. Very pleased!" —DianaM

    Price: $34.99 (originally $37.99, available in two colors)

    3. A stainless-steel pet fountain because your pet deserves clean, filtered water. The fresh water will encourage them to drink more and stay hydrated. Plus, the design makes it work silently and smoothly.

    The silver fountain has a black top that spouts out water on all sides

    Promising review: "My baby boy LOVES this fountain! We’ve had it for about three weeks now. Since we got it, he hasn’t asked to have water from the bathroom faucet! He used to ask for that every day, several times a day. We had a fountain for him, but he didn’t really care for that one. This one is heavy enough that he cannot push it around as he has with other fountains. We took the advice of another review & add ice cubes once a day & that has stopped the bubbles that appeared three days after we got them. Using ice cubes every day has also stopped the slime issue that was starting. Overall, I would recommend this fountain and would buy it again!" —Awesome

    Price: $69.95 ($99.99)

    4. A compostable cat litter waste bag made out of corn by-products and vegetable oils. You won't have to worry about using wasteful plastic bags or adding extra waste to landfills. Pet parents will love how easy these are to use with their perforated seam and stick adhesive.

    a box of cat litter waste bags

    Promising review: "Finally, I can easily clean up the litter and not worry about evil plastic bags. These are sturdy, hold a LOT, and are very convenient. ALL plastic should be compostable now! We all need to step up and be responsible, even if it costs a bit more." —SueW

    Price: $19.99 (originally $21.99)

    5. A full HD Wi-Fi dog treat dispenser and camera that'll keep you and your pets connected while you're transitioning from WFH back to the office. The two-way audio means you can hear each other, and the camera even has great night vision. So cute!

    The white device says Furbo and has a wooden top and white Frenchie on a nearby cellphone

    Promising review: "I really hemmed and hawed over buying this, my sister loves hers and so does my coworker but I thought it might be shoddy or useless...but I am so happy with this purchase. It gives me such peace of mind that I can 'be there' from work and both treat and correct my pup’s behaviors. He responds to it and knows he’s being watched which may sound creepy but it’s given this pet owner a huge sigh of relief." —Ashlee

    Price: $162.50 (originally $199)

    6. A cactus cat scratching tri-post to keep your furniture safe from long stretches and scratches. Plus, it'll will keep your feline friend's nails healthy and clean. Both of you will be basking in happiness. Also, how cute is this design?!

    The tri-post has two large cacti with pink moppy flowers and a smaller green post

    Promising review: "Salem is an indoor cat. With short visits outside on a leash. He’s had a few different scratch posts and seems excited about them. This one is different, maybe cuz it looks like something from outside. He LOVES IT! He sharpens his claws on it instead of using my wooden sliding door frame. He sleeps under it like he’s a lion in the jungle. Plus, it's so cute I love it! Definitely a great item!" —Carol

    Price: $54.99 

    7. A set of three pet fun balls so your rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas will be happy and occupied. These toys are completely safe to chew and will keep your pet's teeth trimmed. Yay!

    The three balls are made of rattan, seagrass and water hyacinth and have a nearby tag that says "NATURALS" and "TRIO OF FUN BALLS"

    Promising review: "These were among the first toys I gave to my rabbit and they were an instant hit. Her favorite seems to be the chunkier woodlike ones, but she liked the thinner stick and braided ones, too. Once she’s chewed them a good amount, I sometimes stuff them with hay and some pellets to encourage her to chew more. Or I pour some pellets into the chunkier ball so it can be rolled around and used as a treat dispenser toy. My rabbit likes to chew these when she’s in her enclosure, I hung up a few along the ex pen walls so she has something to chew other than bars when she has to be enclosed. Definitely recommend these!" —PetParent

    Price: $5.47 (originally $5.99)

    8. A Sunny Seat cat window perch for felines who love sunbathing. Your furry friend will enjoy basking in the sunshine and safely surveying the street like the snooty neighbor all cats secretly are.

    A multicolored cat is laying in the tan hammock with two large suction cups at the top of the window

    Promising review: "I was skeptical at first with some of the reviews, but I haven’t had any issues with it not sticking to the window! Clean the window before sticking the suction cups on and you’ll be fine. I open this every night, the bottom suction cups easily come undone, so at night I pull it off and fold it and pull the blinds down over it so people don’t look in my window at night! But it stays up all day long! I am always finding her in the window bed and it’s absolutely amazing! A little extra tip: She wasn’t using it at all until I added padding on top and on the inside of the brown part to make it softer! Cats love to lay on soft things, and with that having an old blanket I sewed on it looks comfier than ever! She absolutely loves this! Best purchase by far!!!" —bed1

    Price: $16.50 (originally $24.99)

    9. A Sherpa deluxe airline-approved dog and cat carrier so your pet can travel safely with you. There's a rear pocket and seatbelt strap to keep your them secure in the car or with your luggage, and the soft inside will help them relax. You both can say goodbye to travel stress!

    An adult in a grey shirt and khaki pants is holding a black pet carrier with a small white cat inside

    Promising review: "My cat loathes having to go in the car. He rarely has to travel, probably about eight times a year, to and from major holidays back home. Usually, he gets motion sick and won't stop complaining the entire ride home but with this carrier, he is 100% comfortable and doesn't make a peep. When I put him in it he just lays down and watches me get everything together and doesn't complain at all when I put him into the car. When we're at home, I have left the carrier out for him to get accustomed to it with the hopes that maybe he'd like to lay in it sometimes. This carrier is now his favorite bed to sleep in during the day as it's the perfect size for him to feel cozy as if he were in a box, but also comfy because of the Sherpa bed. The shoulder strap and additional grab handles on the top make carrying this carrier extremely stable, and much easier than any carrier I've had before. With entry points from both the front and top, it is also much easier to get my cat into the carrier. If your cat dislikes travel, definitely get them this carrier, it has helped me and my cat so much!!" —Julie

    Price: $35.99 (available in two sizes and colors

    10. A Betta Bed leaf hammock to give your fish a nice place to relax (yes, fishies need their rest too). This will also help evoke some of their natural environment. Imagine your Betta taking a little nap on a leaf. 🥺

    The package says "BETTA BED LEAF HAMMOCK," has a large green leaf and suction cup and photos of fish and leaves

    Promising review: "Honestly, when I bought this I thought it would make a good place for my betta to hide but didn’t really think he would sleep on it. I was so wrong! As soon as I put it in his tank he swam over to it. He began sleeping on it and even built a little bubble nest over it! I highly recommend this for anyone with a betta! I bought two more so he has various heights to sleep at, but he prefers it to be about 1.5 inches under the water level. Five stars!" —CrazyCandi

    Price: $2.59 

    11. A pack of dog training and potty pads that are super absorbent and fast drying. There is a built-in dog attractant to help with the process. These are great for protecting crates and carriers while traveling.

    The pad is white with a blue border and glass measuring cup is pouring blue liquid onto the fabric

    Promising review: "These pee pads are excellent. I use them for my older cat who is having health issues and started peeing by our doors. These pads hold the urine better than other pads I’ve used and they lock the scent to some extent as well. I definitely recommend these and I have no need to use any others. I buy the 200-pack and it’s a great value." —Sharon

    Price: $29.99 (available in five different sizes and two scents)

    12. An extra-wide auto-close pet gate that has a double-lock gate and self-closing door. Keep your pets safe and separated whenever you need to. With an easy 10-minute installation, you'll be able to easily and confidently keep your loved ones safe.

    The black dog gate has a medium-sized black, white and orange colored dog in front of it

    Promising review: "I spent hours looking for a dog gate that doesn't have to be screwed into the walls and was wide enough for my staircase and entryway. This one is exactly what I was looking for. I was concerned about attaching it to the banister as the banister is a different size and shape at the top than it is at the bottom. I saw a review that said to put a wood board or plank against the banister, which I did and it is working well. I was also concerned about other reviews that mentioned the gap not getting smaller during assembly and we ran into that problem, but if you keep following the directions and keep twisting the twist part (like a shower rod), the gap closes and the gate works perfectly. I had previously used dog playpen gates to block off the stairs and entryway, but they were so obtrusive and such an eyesore. These are much sleeker and easier to look at." —Sara

    Price: $34.99 (available in three colors)

    13. A Potty Bells dog doorbell that will help your dog signal to you when they need to go potty or go for a walk. This can easily be hung around your home without causing any lasting damage.

    The red strap has six  silver jingle bells and a silver tag that says "POTTY BELLS," a dog nose and "Caldwell's Pet Supply Co."

    Promising review: "I ordered these potty bells because my daughter has a new puppy and she is training him at home, to ring them when he needs to go outside. Well, after several 'accidents' on my new floors I thought, why not get the bells, too! I did and he jingles them and out he goes. No more accidents!!! Thank you, Potty Bells!" –HappyNanny

    Price: $12.99 (originally $19.99) (eight colors)

    14. A fold-and-carry single-door crate that can grow along with your dog. This crate is super easy to clean, assemble, and transport. You will love how helpful and durable it is — even through accidents, tantrums, and slobber.

    The black wire crate has a golden orange dog smiling inside and stepping out

    Promising review: "I use a larger size of this crate for my home, but this smaller size is perfect for my little dog when we travel. Folds up nicely and tucks away under our bed when not being used, and my dog loves being comforted in it. A must-have purchase for dog owners." —Perfection

    Price: $47.99 (available in seven sizes)

    15. A 72-inch faux-fur cat tree and condo to keep your kitty curious! Complete with scratching posts, hanging toys, and covered areas, your cat will love their new personal jungle gym. Woohoo!

    The cream colored plush fabric covers three levels of the cat condo complete with perches, slides, toys and scratchers, and there is a dark grey cat is at the top level

    Promising review: "I’ve been researching cat condos for weeks. I have a brand-new kitten who loves scratching, climbing, and playing, so I wanted to make sure I got a condo that had all three things, as well as places for her to lay, and was going to be good quality without totally breaking the bank. Well, I found it! Highly recommend this condo if you’re on the fence; this condo has all the bells and whistles and is a good amount cheaper than most of its counterparts, while not skimping on quality. Thanks, Chewy, for making my baby Sky so happy." —jrag

    Price: $74.99 (available in six colors)

    16. A Goody Box full of Halloween toys and treats for cats because even your cat deserves to celebrate in style. Each box has two toys, treats, a pop-up tent, activities, and a recipe. Spooktacular!

    The purple "Chewy GOODY BOX" has four toys, a "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" banner, treats, a tent and a white cat nearby

    Promising review: "I purchased the Halloween Goody Box for my cat Fiona's 5th birthday. She LOVES every snack and especially the 'Candy Corn Castle' (the tent) that it came with. She also likes the crinkly bat and Dracula. She shared the pumpkin stack toy with Braxton, our German shepherd, as it is a bit larger than she prefers, as cat toys go, and she shared her treats with her feline brother Bodhi. However, nobody better touch her Candy Corn Castle, that is ALL HERS!" —Fionasfolly

    Price: $24.99 (originally $33.82)

    17. A travel birdcage so you can transport your birds carefully. There's an easy-access door, debris tray, and cup holders. All of your pet's necessities will be easily accessible. 🦜

    an empty travel bird cage

    Promising review: "I already owned one of these for my other conure, but with an upcoming vacation & move to a new home, I decided my other conure needed an upgrade on his travel cage and got the exact same one for him. This is very sturdy and it gives my conures room to move around and they feel less confined than some other carriers I've had. You can put the bowls in multiple locations in the cage and their toys and perches can also fit in this." —EllaW

    Price: $57.99

    18. A hide-and-seek plush volcano puzzle dog toy that'll make a great addition to playtime. You can keep your dog busy while you're working or join in on the fun. And the soft plush will be gentle on your pup's mouth!

    A gold and orange colored dog has a green dino in their mouth that's coming out of a brown and yellow volcano and there are five other green dinos nearby

    Promising review: "We have a very strong-chewing Alaskan malamute who destroys all toys. We have had this toy now for over a month and are still in one piece. She loves playing hide and seek with it and will bring it to us over and over to put the dinos back inside. I do need to reorder some dinos because hers no longer squeak, first thing she goes after, but they are still in one piece and no stuffing coming out. Just ordered some more hide-and-seek toys for her, think they are her new fave!" –Steph

    Price: $15.98

    19. An IQ treat dispenser ball dog toy to keep your dog from anxious or destructive behaviors. They'll be able to play for hours in a paced manner. And with this toy having adjustable difficulty levels, it'll be a staple in your pup's life for a long time!

    The blue and clear colored ball has a star and oval slot and various pieces of kibble

    Promising review: "Got this because it was recommended we try puzzle toys for our smart and food-driven dog. He LOVES it. It’s too big for him to chew on and provides hours of entertainment. Refusal to eat? Load up the puzzle ball with kibble. Need him to entertain himself for a while? Puzzle ball. Need to use his brain to be tired? Get the puzzle ball. He pushes this ball around for hours on hours without getting bored. It makes mealtimes more rewarding and fun for him as well. The only downside to this is that it can be extremely annoying with all the kibble rolling around. I personally don’t mind but some people might." —buggeroni 

    Price: $13.95 (originally $14.95, available in two sizes)

    20. A lizard lounger that's made of 100% natural grass and can be easily shaped to your pet's needs. These are ideal for climbing reptiles. Your lizard will love napping in this cozy spot.

    A bearded dragon is laying in the lounger that's hanging in a tank with a decorative skull and sand

    Promising review: "Bought this for my great-granddaughter's bearded dragon, Carl. Every time I go in her room he is on it, with his head held high, kind of like in Lion King...the king of the jungle/hammock. I talk to him and he gives me that royal stare." —Carl

    Price: $5.15 (originally $27.99, available in three sizes)

    21. An aquarium starter kit for burgeoning fish enthusiasts who don't know where to begin. Complete with a 10-gallon glass tank, LED lighting, a heater, and much more, this thing will have you living out your childhood aquarium dreams in no time. 🐠

    The clear glass tank has a black top and is full of fish, wood, vegetation and pebbles

    Promising review: "I love this tank. It comes with everything you need to get started (except decorations and a water test kit.) I have used it as a community tank for small fish and now that they’ve moved to my 29 gallon I have a betta and a snail in it. The filter isn’t too strong for my betta as I added a lot of floating plants. The LED light is very nice also." —Heather

    Price: $89.99

    22. A floating turtle pier platform for reptiles to bask and enjoy their enclosure. The platform is designed to float at water level and works in both large and small tanks. So helpful!

    The two tier platform has a ramp and two small turtles enjoying the structure

    Promising review: "This is larger than our old one and my red-eared slider is loving it! He stretches out and basks under the sun or lamp most of the day. The old one had ridges that his nails sometimes got caught in; they have fixed that in this model." —Hfgk

    Price: $19.30 (originally $41.99, available in two sizes)

    23. A professional nail trimmer for dogs so maintaining your pet's nails doesn't have to be super stressful. Whether you're an actual professional groomer or just a dutiful owner, you'll love these trimmers. The grippy handles keep you and your pet safe from any painful accidents! 🐾

    The green nail trimmers are trimming a blonde dog's black nails

    Promising review: "I've been a Labrador mom for many years, and have tried a variety of different nail trimmers (including the rotary type), and so far these are my favorite. I'm on my second pair. I use the large ones. I like that they're stable in my hands and nice and sharp. They didn't last forever though; the blades became dull after a year or two, so I replaced them with the same ones. I did shop around first to see if there was anything better on the market but came back to these with no regret. Even my 12-year-old will use them on our Lab." –JazminesMom

    Price: $11.49 ( available in two sizes)

    24. A collapsible travel bowl with a carabiner so your pet stays hydrated while you're on the go. Bring this bowl to parks, patios, and anywhere in between. It can double as a feeding bowl, too!

    A tan and white patchy dog is drinking water out of a blue bowl full of water on top of the grass

    Promising review: "This is great for traveling. Can be packed up easily without taking up any space. The clip that comes on the side is very helpful for clipping to the side of a carrier or something so that food can stay upright during travel. Spills water easily while traveling, but that was expected!" —Caroline

    Price: $5.80 (available in two colors)

    25. A set of two silicone pet food can covers to keep your pet's food fresh. The cover can fit multiple size cans and the material makes it easy to put them on and take them off. Did we mention they're BPA free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, too?!

    There's a grey silicone can cover and a blue silicone lid on a can of food

    Promising review: "Lots of similar lids claim they'll fit bigger cans and smaller cans. This one really does, even the little 3-ouncers! And it's flexible, so it's easy to feel when it's sealed on. Excellent product, will probably never need to replace but will buy again should that event arise. Recommended." –Bruce

    Price: $6.99

    26. A set of hypoallergenic grooming wipes with aloe that's perfect for animals with sensitive skin. The organic aloe and pro-vitamin B5 will nourish their coat and keep them fresh and clean without any irritation!

    There is a long-haired golden retriever being wiped down with a white wipe from a bottle nearby that says "GROOMING WIPES"

    Promising review: "We use these all the time! We use them to clean her paws when she is muddy playing outside. We also use these to wipe her stomach and private bits as they are sometimes extra sensitive to certain grass outside." —Lauren

    Price: $6.59

    27. A set of Greenies regular dental dog treats to keep up with your pet's hygiene by cleaning down to the gumline. These treats are great for the pups that who getting their teeth brushed. Delish!

    The green box says "Greenies DENTAL TREATS" and has a photo of a green toothbrush and a dog

    Promising review: "My dogs love the Greenies. Good snack to help keep the teeth and gums active and clean. My dog Tyson loves these treats so much he just walks around with the treat in his mouth even if he has to go pee. He doesn’t want to leave it behind for his sister to steal." —Suz1

    Price: $33.98 (originally $39.99, available in eight sizes)

    28. A de-matting dog comb to get rid of knots and tangles in your pet's beautiful mane. The rounded ends keep their skin safe and the blades are rust resistant! Say goodbye to gnarly pet hair.

    An adult is brushing out a large white dog's fluffy tail

    Promising review: "I've tried many different de-matting tools, and they've all ended up in the trash. EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE. This one just knocks mats out with MINIMAL effort. The thumb slot is in the perfect position for gripping it and holding it correctly but they are really really really sharp so be careful. I have a 'teddy bear' (Zuchon/Shichon) dog, and they have the softest hair I've ever felt, which also means LOTS of matting, even with daily brushing. This product has gotten through some questionable mats that I thought would hurt him without so much as a flinch from him. Just remember to pull through the mat QUICKLY and pull through at a slight angle so it slices through the hair and not reverse-chopping it. For really thick mats, and I mean really thick, you might want to consider using scissors by cutting straight into the mat a couple of times, then rake through it with this. But overall, this product has gotten through some of the toughest ones with ease without having to do that. Incredible product! Thanks, Safari! Finally, someone got it right!" —TazzysMom

    Price: $12.31 (originally $12.49)

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