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    31 Problem-Solving Items From Target For The Annoying Little Issues You Pretend Don't Exist

    These helpful finds will solve problems you didn't even know you had.

    1. A 24-count set of Mighty Patch pimple stickers to help heal those pesky bumps *and* keep you from picking at your skin. Best for oily, combination or acne-prone skin, these patches can be worn during the day without drawing too much attention to themselves. So no need to keep staring in the mirror and frowning at that red pimple that, of course, popped up in the middle of the night. 👏

    An adult wears three clear pimple patches — one on each cheek and one above the brow

    2. An Oster cordless/rechargeable wine bottle opener that will make you want to buy more bottles of wine just so you can test it out! The foil cutter easily removes seals, and the push button removes the cork in seconds. You'll never again have to worry about fighting with a wine corkscrew, or frantically googling how to open a bottle with weird household items. *Sigh of relief.*

    The silver wine opener is in a neutral and warm toned display with red wine and says "Oster" with has black detailing

    3. A cut-and-keep produce saver so you can keep your fruits and veggies fresh for WAY longer. No need to worry about wasting food when you're trying new recipes or incorporating small amounts of organic ingredients — this stretchy device snaps shut, keeping your produce fresh without wasting a plastic bag. Finally, my fridge doesn't have to be a tomato graveyard.

    4. A flexible vent brush, because no one wants to be constantly sneezing from the air coming out of your nasty, dusty vents (sorry). The short nylon brushes are perfect for those super hard-to-reach spots, and work on multiple surfaces. You can use them clean the lint trap in your dryer and your AC vent, along with plenty of other places. Watching those cleaning TikToks might actually pay off, huh?

    The black brush is angled into a wooden vent on the floor

    5. A feline hair remover tool for cleaning up after your kitty before their fur overtakes your entire home. The roller picks up hair from furniture and other surfaces, without ever needing a refill. Maybe now you'll finally be able to wear a black sweater. Puuurrfect. 😺

    An orange and white cat wearing a blue bowtie is next to the white hair removal tool that has the outline of a black cat face in a circle with black paw prints above and below it

    6. A flexible silicone jar spatula so you can FINALLY get the last bit of PB out of the jar. Use this flexible tool to scrape the inside of jars or cans — no more stuck marinara sauce or wasted mayo. You're just going to be saving the planet, NBD.

    The all black spatula is resting on top of a small glass dish of white cream texture with a bit on the edge

    7. A set of three100% New Zealand wool dryer balls that'll make sure your clothes have fewer wrinkles, less static and a shorter drying time every time they go through the dryer. Save time and energy without synthetic fragrances or dyes.

    A box that says "ever spring" and is split into dark green and light green with a white wool dryer ball showing

    8. A stoneware and matte clay wax warmer because this scented candle alternative gives you all the soothing scents of your fave candles, minus the flame or wick. Plus, look how gorgeous the design is. We're smitten.

    The white and beige warmer is turned on and on top of a natural wooden tabletop

    9. A plastic bag holder/ dispenser, so you don't have to just shove all of your used plastic bags under the sink until you *literally* can't anymore. Now it'll be easy to conserve bags and use them properly, rather than letting them go to waste or get shoved in random spots.

    The white plastic bag holder is attached to a light wooden cabinet and structurally has a thin rectangular slot that widens into a spherical shape and is holding various colored plastic bags

    10. A traditional stainless-steel safety razor for that perfect shave. Say goodbye to annoying razor bumps, stubble and in-grown hairs. These blades yield a SUPER close shave and last a very long time — plus, you're creating less waste than you would using a disposable razor.

    The shiny silver razor is in an orange plastic box that says "VAN DER HAGEN"

    11. A 24-pack of natural, plastic-free jumbo straws so you can drink guilt-free without dealing with limp or awkward cardboard straws. These compostable and dishwasher-safe straws work great for hot and cold drinks alike.

    The straw says "made with AirCarbon" and is in a fizzy drink with a lime next to a package of the straws that says "restore regenerative foodware"

    12. A two pack of Woolite self-cleaning lint brushes because who wants to walk around with lint all over their clothes?! Use this reusable and double-sided tool at home or on the go for any fabric item, and say goodbye to annoying pet dander, lint or hair. You'll notice a huge difference.

    An adult is opening the white and grey tool to reveal blonde hair over a silver trash can

    13. A reusable spray bottle and all-purpose cleaner concentrate kit so you can avoid buying a ton of replacement spray bottles and cleaners. The formula works on most surfaces while getting rid of unwanted grease, dirt and grime. Spray away, without worrying about having to run out and buy a new bottle!

    An adult is using the clear spray bottle that says "infuse" and has a white nozzle with a grey circular edge to wipe down a marble countertop

    14. A jar opener for those seemingly impossible-to-open lids. No more sore wrists, red faces or grunts of fury once you outsource your pickle jars to this tool. Love!!!

    An adult is using the black jar opener on top of a jar of pickles

    15. A FoodSaver vacuum sealer so your food can last up to five times — yes, you heard us right, five times — longer in the freezer. It'll help you void pesky freezer burn, too. Food for days, huh?

    The black vacuum sealer is on a marble countertop and looks to be sealing some raw red meat

    16. A portable silicone cable organizer to help you avoid frayed or kinked cords. Plus, it's an easy way to transport your phone and computer charger. You can even keep charging while the cords are wrapped up.

    The cedar wood colored silicone cable holder has two lightning bolt edged sticking out

    17. A rug pad so your rug doesn't slip and slide around the room. It works on hard or soft surfaces, and will also extend the life of your rug's fabric. And if it's too big, you can easily trim this pad with scissors.

    The grey rug is underneath a multicolored rug on a dark wooden floor

    18. A Conair fabric shaver to get rid of all the super pesky pilling on your favorite clothes or furniture. With three different settings and a detachable lint catcher, you can help make your clothes look like they're brand new (or, at least, like you haven't had them since college).

    An adult is using the white and blue shaver on a piece of grey fabric

    19. An eight-piece set of interlocking drawer organizers so your "junk" drawer can become your "useful" drawer. Stress be gone!

    The eight white interlocking bins are all different sizes and have simple dotted lines

    20. A Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo because you do *not* want your hair full of gunk and buildup. Using this treatment once a week will help get rid of what's left behind from all your hair products, and keep your hair from getting greasy and dull.

    the bottles of shampoo

    21. A two-pack of clip-on toothbrush covers so you can throw you toothbrush in your overnight bag, keep it in your medicine chest, or keep it on your sink without worrying about all manner of ~grossness~ coming into contact with your bristles.

    22. A multi-use hook for strollers and shopping carts that can hold your purse or bags, lightening the load on your shoulders *and* preventing them from getting stolen. Though it's sold for use with strollers, this clip can be held or hooked to any item.

    A baby bag and tan purse are attached to a black hook on a shopping cart

    23. A stackable slide-out drawer organizer so you can make sure your toiletry items are easy to find and in reach. Now you'll be able to easily see everything you need, prevent spills and make sure you're not taking up any valuable counter space. Nifty!

    the drawer

    24. A stainless-steel tub drain protector for catching all the hair or extra debris that would otherwise clog your drain. This stopper is rust-free and can be used for the tub or shower, making it easier than ever to keep your bathroom clean.

    The stainless steel stopper is in a white tub and has water droplets on top of it

    25. A clip-on LED book light to make it easier to read in bed, on the plane or in other dimly lit areas. Bid au revoir to strained eyes or "oops I read without enough light" headaches.

    The white light is clipped to the edge of an open book with a black hardcover

    26. An Orajel antiseptic rinse that's designed especially for treating mouth sores, so you can get some much-needed relief from painful canker sores, cheek bites, and overall mouth irritation. For folks using dentures, retainers or other oral devices: You need this.

    The white bottle has red, yellow, blue and green detailing and says "Orajel," "FOR ALL MOUTH SORES" and "ANTISEPTIC RINSE"

    27. A hibiscus-scented solid shampoo bar with a handy ribbon string, so you can go plastic-free in your morning routine. This bar lathers up into a shampoo for damaged hair, so you'll be saving the planet *and* your over-processed hair.

    The pink shampoo bar has a ribbon that says "FOAMIE SHAMPOO" and is in suds

    28. A tube of gel super glue to fix any accidents in your home. The gel formula makes it less drippy, which means you can apply it to porous or vertical surfaces without worrying about it leaking and making a super mess.

    The grey and blue bottle of glue that says "LOCTITE" "SUPER GLUE" and "GEL CONTROL" is gluing a green and red home decoration back together that has the words "Home is where" visible

    29. A 20,000mAh power bank so your phone doesn't run out of charge while you're out on the town. Gone are the days of stopping in a Starbucks or finding a random outlet to get some extra juice to stay safe or call a friend. Worth it!

    The grey power bank says Anker with a heathered fabric front

    30. A six-outlet surge protector with a 6-inch cord, so you can charge every device you'd need at the same time AND lay in bed while doing it.

    The cream extension cord has six outlet spots and a braided cord with two USB outlets

    31. A bottle of organic nail polish remover in lavender so you can carefully and safely remove the color from your nails, instead of paying extra at the salon or spending time picking away polish. Plus, it's infused with real flowers!!

    The clear bottle full of multi-colored flowers says "BLOSSOM" "LAVENDER SCENTED NAIL POLISH REMOVER" and has a sticker on the white lid that says "natural polish remover"

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