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    31 Lamps And Lighting Pieces From Target That’ll Make A Truly Stylish Addition To Your Space

    From sunset lights to vintage-inspired gems, you'll be basking in your home's new glow with these finds.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Threshold textural ceramic mini lamp to add extra charm to your home. The trendy color block pattern has a one-way switch and white drum shade that will add a modern ambience to your living space. Voila!

    The black texture lamp has a light base and warm yellow light coming from the shade

    2. A Menlo asterisk ceiling light that'll add a touch of class to any room. The brass finish and hanging light design make this a space-efficient and stylish light fixture. Perfect for apartments or smaller living spaces!

    The brass light has 9 bulbs and arms in the shape of an asterisk

    3. A salt table lamp for creating the dreamiest vibes in your bedroom. Hand-crafted from natural Himalayan salt crystals — which are known for their calming effects — this light is sure to be a unique and positive addition to your space. Ahhh, we feel more relaxed already.

    The peach colored light has a jagged salt exterior and a brown base

    4. A large wooden beaded chandelier that'll elevate your decor. The natural finish can complement any home design, and the beads give off a boho vibe.

    The large tan wooden bead chandelier is hung above the table

    5. A two pack of Energizer 12" indoor color-changing LED cabinet lights bars, so you can create some dramatic kitchen looks. Create your own custom colors and use the dimmer function to adjust the lighting to your needs. These lights are built to be personalized! Plus, a remote allows you to change your lights from a distance.

    There are four separate cabinets with purple, red, blue and green light examples

    6. A Threshold polyresin wood accent lamp that will pair easily with classic or rustic design vibes. The contoured base and drum-shaped lampshade are simple and timeless. This lamp will give you the warm fuzzies.

    The brown wood lamp has a yellow glow and is on top of a table

    7. A textured ceramic mini accent lamp so the furniture in your home will pop. The ceramic base gives off an almost pearlescent glow, which is a trend we're all loving right now. It's a clean and beautiful option that matches tons of home design styles!

    The ceramic lamp has a drum shade with a warm, yellow glow

    8. A set of 24' strings of café LED lights with 12 acrylic bulbs that can be hung up both inside and outside. They give off an ambient glow that's perfect for parties or backyard events. Just think of how romantic these would look strung outside.

    There are bright string lights hung outdoor in trees at night

    9. A geometric lamp with a marble base for a fancy MCM feel. This lamp has a dimmer and doesn't require special bulbs, so it'll be a staple for years to come. What's not to love?

    The lamp has a gold geometric outline frame and marble base

    10. A wooden table lamp that's full of natural allure. This piece exudes character and class, especially because of its unique open design and rich wooden texture. Did we mention that the LED bulb is included, too?

    A wooden lamp with an open, rectangular body

    11. A set of 10-count incandescent flower outdoor string lights to turn your porch into a fairy dreamland. The metal construction ensures that the flowers last a long time — so they'll definitely outlast your actual flowers.

    The white flowers are on a black cord and give of warm lighting

    12. A modern clear acrylic accent lamp with brass accents that will create a sleek statement wherever you choose to place it. The five-foot cord also makes it easy to place this versatile and bold lamp in many different spots. Love!

    The gold and clear acrylic base make this a statement lamp

    13. A golden pendant globe lamp with a perforated shade, for an added extravagant flair to your area. The distinctive and stunning design has a standard bulb base and will fit easily into your home. WOW.

    The gold hanging lamp is in a dimly lit room and gives off a beautiful ambient light

    14. An embossed scoop pattern ceramic mini lamp that's full of texture and crisp detailing. This lamp will add a chic and minimalist vibe to your living space. 10/10!

    The white lamp has rectangular divets scooped out and has a linen-looking shade

    15. A cantilever drop pendant floor lamp with an adjustable arm, so you can choose exactly where and how to light up the room. The two-way rotary switch also lets you choose between high or low lighting. Innovative, with a classic MCM flair!

    The black, gold-tone and cream lamp is overlooking a couch in a clean living room space

    16. A vintage-style glass dome table lamp that exudes old-fashioned charm. The dome-shaped glass top, wooden pedestal base, and rotary switch make this lamp unique and easy to use. Add an Edison bulb lamp to add a fun touch to your home.

    The clear dome base is atop a wooden pedestal

    17. A three-arm arc floor lamp with a brushed nickel finish and adjustable arms, so you can have both classic style and modern innovations, like the ability to turn each bulb on or off individually. Plus, the linen drum shades give off a soft glow.

    The brushed-nickel base has three stacked adjustable arms with linen shades and bulbs

    18. A fringed fabric table lamp that's a vintage-y show-stopper. The fringe, framed shade and gold-tone metal make this lamp absolutely gorgeous, and the lamp's USB port will charge your devices even when the lamp is turned off. Channel nostalgia and retro beauty through this glorious lamp!

    The cream lamp has a gold-tone base and fringe from the lampshade

    19. A small pendant ceiling light with a bell shade to provide the perfect amount of light in style. The metal finish gives off such a contemporary, slightly industrial-chic feel. What a vibe!

    There are three light fixtures — two black and one white — in the photo against a wooden background

    20. A gold-toned metal floor lamp with a turned silhouette that'll make you feel like you're living in a palace (in the French countryside, natch). The 100% cotton shade and silk-wrapped 72"-long cord are just a few of the elegant touches.

    The lamp has a gold finish and turned silhouette with a white cotton shade

    21. A modern ceramic accent table lamp with a geometric body for an added luxurious feel to your space. The hexagonal base creates a snazzy touch to an otherwise streamlined design. And look how cute the mint color is!

    22. A retro-chic peacock table lamp with a brown drum shade that gives off an artisan vibe. This feels vintage and quirkily modern, all at once.

    The peacock lamp has light teal, dark blue, pink and yellow coloring

    23. A 15" wood/metal flush mount lighting fixture to add an eclectic feel to your space. The neutral-toned wood beads and black accents makes this a striking piece.

    The flush mount has neutral-colored beads and a black base

    24. A metal tripod table lamp that will make heads turn. This lamp is unique and sophisticated — most tripods are floor lamps, so one that can light up your desk or counter is an unusual find. Imagine how cool it would look lighting up your home!

    The gold-toned tripod base is sleek and classy with a white drum shade that sits right on top

    25. A set of 10-count incandescent mini-orb outdoor colored string lights, to add a trendy feel to your yard or patio. The colored spheres have a crisscross design and give off such fun pops of light. Cute, huh?!

    The black string lights have yellow, blue, orange and purple colored spheres

    26. A wired mesh uplight table lamp, so you can have a of mix vintage and contemporary styles. The natural wood base and black mesh metal shade are a high-class combo. Hot tip: try it with an Edison bulb. Industrial chic, anyone?

    The black mesh shade is connected to a natural wooden base with a vintage bulb

    27. A ceramic table lamp for a vibrant splash of color. The 100% cotton fiber shade and brass-colored finial make this an obvious glam choice. Live like a star!

    The yellow ceramic lamp has a brass colored based and bright white lampshade

    28. A rattan pendant light that'll give off flattering and beautifully cast light onto your walls. Imagine how rejuvenated you'll feel while resting under this warm and inviting light fixture. *Sigh of relief.*

    The rattan light has intersecting cylinder frames and casts a beautiful shadow on the wall

    29. A crystal chandelier so that your home will sparkle and shine, like you're living in a Selling Sunset mansion. Sold, huh?

    The teardrop-shaped silver frame and clear crystals in an inner cylinder frame sparkle in a well lit room

    30. An industrial task floor lamp to set up right next to your couch or chair. The pewter and brass make this a beautiful contrasting piece against neutral-toned decor. Use the adjustable neck to find the perfect light while you're reading that engrossing book. Bliss!

    The pewter lamp is angled over the side of the arm of a couch

    31. A LED sunset lamp that's all over TikTok. Enjoy romantic golden hour light at any time of the day with this portable, USB-powered design. Get ready to feel the love!

    The sunset lamp is small and black and is projecting a yellow and warm spherical glow onto the wall

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