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    28 Popular Kitchen Products From Wayfair That People Say Are Worth The Price Tag

    They say you should never have too many cooks in the kitchen, but we say you can definitely never have enough kitchen items well worth the price tag.

    1. A handsome and sharp (see what I did there?) stainless-steel 15-piece knife block set ergonomically designed for the most comfortable slicing and dicing control.

    Review photo of the knife set

    2. A jaw-dropping, dishwasher-safe 12-piece geometric dinnerware set that looks like it came right from the MoMa gift shop. Talk about a pattern that pops.

    Review photo of the dinnerware set

    3. A snazzy dual zone freestanding wine and beverage refrigerator with plenty of separate spaces to store your soda cans and wine. This quietly operating device adds an ultra-chic finish to any kitchen space.

    Review photo of the freestanding fridge

    4. A luxurious Nespresso VertuoPlus bundle pod espresso machine for those who like their morning caffeine hot and frothed to café-style perfection.

    The espresso machine

    5. A chic octagonal hanging rack to act as both the perfect place to hang your cookware and its own form of artsy ceiling decor.

    Review photo of the hanging rack

    6. A state-of-the-art Vitamix high-speed blender that delivers expert speed and pulse control and crushes ice like nobody's business. Blend, chop, purée, you can do it all with this self-cleaning kitchen staple.

    The black blender

    7. A retro-style 10-speed tilt-head KitchenAid stand mixer you'd half expect to find in a '50s diner famous for serving coffee and cherry pie. Mix up to five dozen cookies, a loaf of bread, a batch of guac...whatever you're craving in quarantine, really.

    Review photo of the aqua sky mixer

    8. A nonstick 20-cup rice cooker with a cool touch handle for steaming fluffy, delicious rice, whole grains, and other foods without sacrificing a lick of flavor or texture.

    Review photo of the rice cooker

    9. A sturdy over-the-sink wooden sponge holder great for creating extra sink space or even a lovely new spot to let your plants get some sun.

    Review photo of the sponge stand

    10. A beautiful rotating mug tree handcrafted from iron because your prized mug n' cup collection deserves to be on full display at all times.

    The rotating mug tree

    11. A triple-canister cereal dispenser to help keep your Cheerios, pasta, dried fruit snacks, and dog cookies fresh for as long as humanly possible. Fun and easy to use, this'll help make your mornings that much more bearable.

    Review photo of the cereal dispenser

    12. A stainless-steel bread box with its very own built-in bamboo cutting board because with all the baking you've been doing over the past year, your loaves and pastries deserve a little upgrade.

    The bread box

    13. A versatile seven-blade KitchenAid spiralizer to save you tons of time on peeling potatoes, veggies, and making some absolutely delicious butternut squash zoodles in just minutes.

    The seven-blade spiralizer

    14. A stylish stoneware utensil crock that is amazingly oven-, microwave-, fridge-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, so you'll save counter space no matter where you wanna stick this.

    Review photo of the cerise utensil crock

    15. An Emeril Lagasse power air fryer designed to cook your food to perfection using a 360-degree whirlwind of superheated air. Includes a fry basket, rotisserie spit, pizza rack, baking pan, drip tray, and crisper tray. Whew. What else do you need but this baby?

    Review photo of the air fryer

    16. A striking insulated GE electric tea kettle that stays cool to the touch on the outside while keeping your hot beverages delightfully toasty inside. Tea time just got a lot more terrific.

    The electric tea kettle

    17. A tray insert drawer organizer so all your cutlery stays sorted with one deceptively simple solution. Not to mention, the classic maple hardwood finish blends beautifully with any kitchen style.

    Review photo of the drawer organizer

    18. A U-shaped under sink pull-out pantry designed for 30” vanity sink base cabinets — this is definitely one of the smartest storage solutions on the market.

    The under sink pull-out pantry

    19. A stainless-steel colander set, because two of these durable food prep must-haves are so much better than one.

    Review photo of the pink colander set

    20. A reliable nonstick bakeware set with wide handles for even the bulkiest of oven mitts. This collection is truly a recipe for enjoyment.

    The bakeware set

    21. An absolutely lovely condiment serving set sure to be the talk of the table at your next family Thanksgiving feast.

    Review photo of the condiment server set

    22. An adorable decorative four-piece canister set marked for flour, sugar, coffee and tea, respectively. Featuring airtight lids, these lovelies will bring a little farmhouse style to your kitchen space.

    The four-piece set of canisters

    23. A uniquely modern fruit bowl that can be easily opened and folded, making it a great addition to outdoor picnics once the weather grows warm again.

    Review photo of the fruit bowl

    24. A 22'' 900-watt built-in microwave with a gorgeous aluminum trim kit, touchpad controls for easy heating, opaque mirror door, and white interior. Combine function and form by installing it anywhere above or below a counter.

    Review photo of the built-in microwave

    25. A charming bucket ice cream maker that whips up all your fave fresh frozen dairy products within minutes and looks gorgeous sitting next to the rest of the other *real wood* items on your countertop.

    The ice cream maker

    26. A classic round Belgian waffle maker you'll be tempted to use every morning (and maybe even at midnight) to make some of the most golden delicious treats you've ever tasted. Blue LED lights indicate when the unit is ready for batter and when your waffles are ready. Yum.

    Review photo of the waffle maker

    27. A compact, clearly-labeled spice jar and rack set (with 16 spices included) so everything you need for cooking is within easy reach.

    Review photo of the spice jar & rack set

    28. A classy copper serving pitcher crafted in a gold finish with hammered details that easily doubles as both drink container and a table centerpiece vase filled with your favorite flowers (and we promise using it that way is not a cop out, pun intended).

    Review photo of the serving pitcher

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