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    30 Walmart TikTok Beauty Products That Really Aren't Too Good To Be True

    BeautyTok fans, welcome to your gold mine.

    1. An E.l.f. poreless putty primer because your look of the day deserves the best foundation possible. This stuff grips your makeup all day and leaves you looking flawless.

    The poreless putty primer

    2. Or a best-selling Maybelline liquid foundation that's light, creamy, and specially made for normal to oily skin, as it will NEVER clog your pores but still gives you that matte finish you crave.

    Models swatching the foundation

    3. An exfoliating "Showertok" famous watermelon shea scrub made with skin-satisfying ingredients like kiwi seeds, avocado, and evening primrose to help scrub away all your stress and woes.

    The watermelon shea scrub

    4. A magic shaving powder that might *actually* be magical, as it's specially formulated for a clean, razorless shave and is probably the best way to get rid of pesky bumps and nicks. Best of all, SoftSheen-Carson products are created by and tailor-made for Black customers.

    The magic shaving powder

    5. A CoverGirl + Olay 3-in-1 liquid foundation reviewers say works like a charm for diminishing fine lines (as it doesn't settle into them AT ALL), rehydrating your skin, *and* delivering a soft skincare *glow-up* that everyone will be gushing over.

    The liquid foundation

    6. A skin cream that a TikTok dermatology nurse actually recommends as a *much* better option than any traditional lotion you may find. Not only is it fragrance-free, but it's long-lasting, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly.

    a hand using the skin cream through its pump top

    7. A Physicians Formula sculpting bronzer one TikToker said they *literally* want to eat (but won't, of course) because it smells just THAT good. It's creamy, soft, and infused with butter, so you know you're getting the great stuff here.

    the sculpting bronzer in colorful compact

    8. A pack of makeup remover wipes if you're sick and tired of waking up with mascara stains all over your pillowcase. These get *all* the gunk off, won't dry out your skin, and, according to a TikToker, work so much better than comparable brands.

    The makeup remover wipes

    9. A cult-fave Neutrogena gel moisturizer because when it comes to high-quality skincare, you deserve the very best. Leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and supple by locking in moisture and, best of all, easily bring it with you for trips since it comes travel-sized.

    The Neutrogena gel moisturizer

    10. A L'Oréal Paris face powder perfect for any skin type, giving your stunning face 24-hour, foundation-like coverage without caking or streaking.

    Model before and after wearing the face powder

    11. A Milani mattifying primer about which one TikToker proclaims: if they could only keep one primer for the rest of their life, it would be this one. It glides on like butter and creates the perfect base for your daily makeup looks.

    The Milani primer

    12. A Wet N Wild concealer that delivers all-day wear, buildable coverage, and, as a pro-tip, works REALLY well if you apply it on your eyelids before adding eyeshadow, as it creates a color-poppin' base.

    The concealer

    13. An organic sweet cold-pressed almond oil a dermatology nurse on TikTok claims is amazing for both dry skin *and* eczema. Plus, it's 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so it's great for the animals and the planet.

    The sweet almond oil

    14. A pack of press-on French-manicure nails so you can avoid pricey, time-consuming manicures and opt for a quick 'n' easy on-the-go nail that looks both natural and professional.

    15. A pack of customizable acne patches one TikToker calls a "hidden gem" as it helps remove pesky pimples while you sleep. Seriously, there is no better way to get things done (including skincare) than while you're hitting snooze.

    Model using the acne patch

    16. A Neutrogena daily facial cleanser specially designed for acne-prone skin, gently exfoliating your face and neck while working to prevent future breakouts, no matter how stubborn they may be. Scrub happy with this stuff.

    17. A vitamin E-infused coconut oil which is an all-over, soothing, luxurious skin and hair nourisher to help you save big and downsize on multiple expensive products. All you really need is this little beauty...one oil to rule them all.

    photo of the coconut oil

    18. A Dove deodorant that works to repair uneven skin tone in your underarms while keeping you fresh as a daisy, moisturized, ~and~ smelling absolutely fantastic all day long. Really puts the good SCENTS in sensibility.

    The deodorant

    19. An E.l.f. double-sided brush so you can seriously start to downsize your makeup kit, as this 2-in-1 tool is excellent for traveling and works just as well as foundation and concealer as it does for eyeshadows and contouring.

    Model holding the brush

    20. An E.l.f. hydrating concealer because if you spend all that time on your makeup, you might as well properly prep. This nourishing, full-coverage formula not only works great for hiding minor imperfections, it also works amazingly as a primer for your fave eyeshadow, helping to really make it pop.

    The E.l.f. hydrating concealer

    21. A gorgeous balm-to gel cream blush that's as highly-pigmented as it is undeniably pretty, and will add that perfect pop of color to your cheek with seamless application.

    22. A cherry and chia milk-scented Dove body wash (yum) which will certainly become the cherry on top of your beauty routine. Smell like a delectable desert while getting squeaky clean.

    the Dove body wash

    23. An exfoliating body polish to smooth out and even skin tone while getting rid of dead cells, leaving you supple and soft as a peach. It's made from apricot seed powder, sea salt, and sugar, so you know you're getting those all-natural ingredients in, too.

    Model using the body polish

    24. A Maybelline brow extension crayon that'll take your brows from sparse to stunning while maintaining that natural look that's totally on trend right now. Oh, and best of all, it won't smudge.

    photos of the different shades of maybelline bros extensions

    25. A social media-famous Revlon blow-dryer brush so you can get that salon-worthy blowout at home without paying the big bucks. Seriously, this thing is incredible and FAST at getting your locks just the way you like them.

    the blow dryer brush

    26. A CoverGirl priming glow mist for a quick spritz of skin-quenching goodness. This genius oil-free spray helps to keep your face lush and hydrated for up to eight hours.

    a model holding the spray

    27. A hair sleeking wax stick to tame stubborn flyaways or smooth back your edges, if that's the style you prefer. It also blends natural hair beautifully with extensions. A true chef's kiss for your mane all around.

    the wax stick

    28. Or a revitalizing scalp exfoliator one TikToker raves is a true beauty hidden gem on the Walmart aisles, as it's formulated to cleanse all manner of dirt, oil, and buildup from your scalp no matter your hair type.

    model using the product on another model's hair

    29. A fantastic Milani setting spray since after ALL that hard work you've done on your makeup, you might as well properly set it and make it last for as long as humanly possible.

    The setting spray

    30. And a best-selling Suave body wash with a delicious sweet pea and violet scent to leave your skin all soft, supple and aglow as if you've just emerged from a lavish natural hot spring (or had a relaxing treatment at the spa featuring florals, of course).

    The body wash

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