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    These 27 Amazon Tops Are So Cute And We Have The Receipts To Prove It

    The receipts are in: these are some *top* notch tops.

    1. A fabulous ruffle-shoulder bodysuit that'll have you feeling like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's (especially if you go out for eggs and waffles wearing it, which you will absolutely want to).

    2. A magical Bardot blouse cropped to absolute *perfection* and featuring a back bow-tie to remind everyone that you're the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

    3. A super cozy pullover sweater that may just have you craving a PSL even if it's nowhere near that time of year yet. Whether you pair it with leggings or a mini-skirt, it's the kind of transitional wardrobe staple you'll always feel comfortable and cute as heck in.

    4. A graphic long-sleeve blouse great for when you want to make a statement and draw a little attention (and oodles of compliments) your way. There are so many cool patterns to choose from, you may be tempted to grab one of each.

    5. A mesh long-sleeve blouse that's as pretty as a picture (and as you, of course) with the most fun sleeves I ever did see. Stretchy and slim-fitted, it looks amazing tucked into high-waisted pants or shorts.

    6. A chill colorblock tunic top to pair with your fave denim and sneakers for a casual-cool-comfort look. Plus it's just a fun spin on a regular old T-shirt (though JUST as plush as the most worn one in your closet).

    7. A sexy cami bustier top with spaghetti straps featuring an absolutely eye-catching design that draws attention to your lovely neckline (no necklace needed) and is formfitting without being too tight.

    8. Or a ruched tie knot crop top that'll have everyone around you BEGGING to to know which swanky boutique you scored it from. It's a little flirty and a whole lot of fabulous.

    9. An oversized graphic tee to add a little ~soft grunge aesthetic~ to your wardrobe. Wear with leggings, jeans or even use it as a sleep shirt. The possibilities are endless, and it's sure to become your new casual daily go-to.

    10. A fun twist front crop top if you love the cinched, knotted tee look but are tired of doing all that work yourself (and worrying over keeping it knotted all day long). Not to worry: this baby takes care of all that.

    11. A *super* cute strapless crop top for when you want to show off those stunning shoulders (or cover them with an adorable cardigan). Truly a layering fan's dream.

    12. A pretty puff-sleeve blouse with unique shoulder detailing which is honestly as sweet as candy and pretty as a peach. Wear it to a nice brunch, lunch or whenever you want to add a little extra feminine flair to your OOTD. 🍬

    13. A lace cami tank top for hot nights out on the town with your besties, dinner dates or whenever you want an excuse to take a billion awesome photos of yourself looking chic and sophisticated.

    14. A totally trendy racerback crop top you will likely want in EVERY darling color it comes in, it's so freakin' versatile. Stay cool for the spring and summer or wear sweaters and cardis over it in the cooler months.

    15. An incredibly soft pullover sweater for those days and evenings when all you want to do is cuddle up on the couch with a good book, a mug of hot tea and your adorable pet by your side. This pretty sweater also looks great with everything from Western boots to sneakers.

    Reviewer wearing the brown sweater

    16. A laid-back raglan tee you'll want to wear over and over again, effectively turning it into that slightly worn-out but VERY well-loved go-to always within reach at the top of your drawer.

    17. A ruffled chiffon blouse to take you right from work to an upscale dinner without you ever having to go home and change. Put it on and remind everyone you polish up real nice.

    18. A mesh top that will MESH well with (get it?) pretty much any bralette or tank and bottoms you pair it with, especially those pretty bras that are worth subtly showing off. Great for concerts and outings, this loose, flowy and breathable beauty will fit like a daydream.

    19. An amazing collared crop top to add a little preppy pep to your step and put a smile on your face every time you see yourself in the mirror rockin' it.

    Reviewer wearing the multi-colored top

    20. An elegant lace-up tunic top which totally gives off the kind of cottagecore aesthetic Taylor Swift would've totally rocked during her folklore and evermore eras.

    21. A fashionable satin camisole which looks WAY more expensive than it actually is. Simply add skinny jeans, sparkly jewelry and off you go to tackle the day, you stunner.

    22. An adjustable tie-back bandana top for a fun spin on the usual and ever-popular crop top. Plus it can be repurposed as a headband or hair tie on a moment's notice. Talk about a triple threat.

    23. A romantic boned bustier top with a built-in flexible corset so you can fully live your Disney princess fantasy. Also, it's WAY more comfortable than a typical corset and won't leave you short of breath (but *will* have you lookin' breathlessly beautiful).

    24. A backless bodysuit for a form-fitting, sleek silhouette and show-stopping back detail SO much more fun than a simple, ordinary back.

    25. A funny antisocial graphic tee for those times when you *really* would rather NOT make small talk over the weather or anyone trying to comment unnecessarily on what you're doing (the worst). Oh yeah, reviewers say it's buttery soft and breathable too, making it an excellent workout tee for many reasons.

    26. A cozy, unique grid pullover sweater so you can be snug as a bug in a rug while honestly looking like you're wearing something straight out of the MoMa.