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    44 Products Under $10 Our Readers Are Loving In 2022

    The reviews are in, and these under-$10 items are all a 10/10.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of AirPod ear hooks that are compatible with a variety of Apple products, helping keep your pods securely in your ears so they don't fall out on walks and runs (as that's truly the worst, along with when you only have one with you and really wanna listen to music or a podcast).

    2. A whimsical set of mini-macaron jewelry storage boxes if you're seeking the perfect gift for sweets lovers in need of an extra space to safely stash rings, pills, and assorted baubles in ultimate style. Warning: They MAY make you crave an actual macaron...

    3. An oatmeal-scented natural paw butter if your kitty or pooch suffers from dry, cracked paws and skin. This stuff is totally safe to be licked and swallowed, and soothes and relieves paws and snouts in need of a little exra TLC.

    4. An adorable double-sided bookmark tracker for when those usual flimsy bookmarks (or grocery store receipts, if you're chaotic) just don't cut it. Reviewers are raving about the beautiful design and blank book spines on both sides so you can write in the titles of all your favorite stories.

    5. A super useful foaming drain and pipe cleaner formulated with natural ingredients to safely and effectively clear the grunge, gunk, and odors out of your sinks, drains, garbage disposals, and pipes without causing them any harm. It's a great alternative to bleach and, best of all, the packets are biodegradable.

    6. A bug bite suction tool that I'm baffled more people don't know about, as it would've been a lifesaver for me all those years I got gobbled up by pesky bugs in the waning summer dusk. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, it works to remove the venom *immediately* so you don't end up with awful lasting itches.

    Reviewer using the bug bite suction tool

    7. An über-cute stainless steel cat stirring spoon that's sure to become the cat's meow of your kitchen cupboard. It's just so gosh darn meow-gnificent.

    8. An interactive cat dancer toy so your furriest friend can stay entertained for *hours.* They'll get some much-needed exercise and playtime in while you barely have to lift a finger (other than holding it as you film them being adorable, of course).

    9. A pack of vibrant fine-tip drawing pens ideal for anyone who loves to journal (bullet journal parties, anyone?), keep detailed physical calendars and planners, or just draw and doodle for days. Reviewers rave that they DON'T bleed through the paper, which is truly amazing if you ask me.

    10. A colossal foot file and callus remover that allows you to work on dry or wet skin with ease, giving your feet a newfound smoothness comparable to any top-notch pedicure.

    Review photo of before and after the callus remover

    11. An extremely convenient set of travel laundry soap sheets because attempting to travel with liquids of ANY kind is bulky and messy, especially when there's soap involved and TSA to deal with. These sheets do not apply to the 3-1-1 carry-on rule, and best of all, they easily dissolve in water.

    12. A colorful set of snail silicone tea bag holders to spice up your fave mugs and assorted glassware, making tea time twice as fun. Seriously, they're *so cute* that if you get these for friends and family, you'll be mighty tempted to snag some for yourself too.

    13. A hanging essential oil diffuser if you want a high-quality, handmade little friend to freshen up the inside of your automobile. Not only do these look amazing on your mirror, but they also come in a variety of delicious scents, including Morning Brew, Lemon Breeze, and Rosemary Pine (yum).

    The hanging car diffuser

    14. A plush duckworth toy great for fetch and general playtime, as it gives a delightful little SQUEAK whenever your fur baby bites it — they'll do this often, as it's pretty much irresistible to playful pets. Oh yeah, and they'll likely snuggle with it, too, which makes for fantastic Instagram snapshots.

    Review photo of dog enjoying the yellow duckworth toy

    15. A pack of indoor plant food spikes ideal for keeping your beloved houseplants satiated with a variety of much-needed nutrients. Best of all, each spike works continually for up to two months when used as directed, which means less work for you and more time spent simply enjoying them.

    Review photo of before and after the indoor plant spikes

    16. A miraculous and moisturizing anti-blister balm infused with vitamins A and C to help soften skin and restore chafed feet to their proper supple state. If your feet sweat a lot or you frequently wear not-so-comfortable shoes, this'll be your new favorite thing.

    17. A portable jewelry cleaner perfect for polishing your rings and various earrings, necklaces, gems, and pendants back to their original shine for that full glisten effect — it will even reduce the appearance of fine scratches. Take this baby with you on business trips, vacations, to weddings, and anywhere else you want to ensure your jewelry always looks its best (because that's what it deserves, of course).

    Review photo of diamond ring before and after the portable jewelry cleaner

    18. A rechargeable electric lighter for those who are tired of constantly replacing matches and Bics. Wind and moisture-proof, not only can it be used even during rainfall, but it comes with a handy safety lock just in case kids try to get into it.

    19. An anti-nausea acupressure wristband if, like me, you suffer from bouts of motion sickness and seasickness and want a safe, gentle, non-invasive, and drug-free solution. This band helps take the pain and distress away by stimulating the Neiguan acupressure point so that now you can go to that boat party you were invited to.

    Review photo of the anti-nausea acupressure wristband

    20. A set of pant extenders that add up to 1 inch of extra space with absolutely no sewing required. Best of all, they're easy to hide from view so the focus is on you and your fab pants, not the device itself. Simply loop the extender over the existing button, and off you go.

    21. A waterproof phone case that's essential when you're around any large bodies of water, be it the open ocean, a pristine lake, or even a swimming pool. With a simple snap-and-lock design, you can remain relaxed while knowing it's NOT going to drown and die even if you're filming underwater.

    22. A wood polish and conditioner to keep your floors and furniture in tip-top shape, giving all wooden surfaces a soft luster *and* protective coating while helping to prevent future drying. Enhance the natural beauty of just about anything wooden, even if it's what you're always stepping on.

    Review photo of before and after the wood polish and conditioner

    23. A wacky Shrek pooping toothpaste topper that kids of all ages will adore, as it makes the otherwise dull process of teeth cleaning that much more fun and hilarious. Fun fact: The seller's original TikTok video of it got more than 11 million views, making this paste-pooper a viral sensation.

    The Shrek pooping toothpaste topper

    24. A pack of headrest hook hangers that are great for keeping your car super organized and your precious purse or bag o' groceries up OFF the floor even if/when everyone's seated and squeezed in. Did I mention it's super durable and easy to install or remove?

    Review photo of the backseat headrest hook hangers

    25. A pack of cable organizer clips if you're absolutely TIRED of dealing with tangled cables and chargers. Simply peel and stick the self-adhesive part to the surface of your choice. Long-lasting, they help keep clutter and general electronics-annoyances to an absolute minimum.

    26. And a personalized phone charger name tag that works like a ~charm~ (pun intended) when it comes to keeping track of which cable belongs to whom, especially in a crowded office space where things tend to get a bit tangled.

    The phone charger cable name tags

    27. A professional makeup brush and sponge shampoo to improve the performance and longevity of your tools. It gently cleanses all manner of bristles and applicators while also being totally safe for sensitive skin. Plus, they keep brushes soft, which makes 'em much more satisfying to use.

    28. A pack of soft, moldable silicone earplugs for concerts, construction, snoring, loud events, and, honestly, anyone who is sound sensitive and needs to tune out the world to get some R&R. Best of all, they won't irritate your inner ears and can be molded for a perfect fit.

    29. A three-pack of clear lip oils because when it comes to protecting and nourishing your smackers, you deserve only the finest and most hydrating (not to mention highly affordable) on the market.

    30. A downright brilliant garbage guard insect killer to ZAP pesky maggots, mosquitoes, flies, and other creepy crawlies the second they touch your trash. Easy-to-use, they're perf for indoor and outdoor trash bins, cans, and even dumpsters. Death to all flies!

    31. A sturdy gold iron sloth hook (!!!) for your keys and various hangable gizmos and gadgets. Made with a shiny finish that sparkles, it smiles at you every time you enter the room. Too cute.

    The gold iron sloth hook

    32. A stainless steel tongue scraper complete with its own cute carrying case that easily became one of my favorite at-home dental tools *ever* as it works SO much better than brushing your tongue. It gently removes build-up and soft plaque so you can taste better, beat bad breath, and keep your mouth as clean as possible. Now that's something to smile about.

    33. A charming mushroom night-light that illuminates in blue, yellow, and white. It will leave your bedroom or bathroom feeling warm, soft, and super romantic as you drift off into dreamland while imagining you're in the middle of an enchanted forest.

    34. A dishwasher detergent booster that smells of fresh lemons (delish) and works VERY WELL to remove spots, residue, and all manner of nasty hard-water film that accumulates on your glorious glass and dinnerware.

    35. A pack of pan scrapers to make cleaning cookware a breeze, even if you're dealing with finicky cast iron. Reviewers rave that they work great in a pinch if you've got tough, stubborn food stuck on your pan that simply refuses to budge.

    36. A delightful screaming goat figurine, which, yes, actually just screams whenever you give it a gentle press. Too funny and cute. The kit also includes a 32-page illustrated pocket guide of goat trivia, making this one of the most amusing and quirky gifts you could ever give someone, especially the goat-lovers in your life.

    37. A coconut-scented nail strengthening cream that not only does what it advertises (and does it WELL), it works to prevent splits, chips, peels and cracks in even the most severe of cases. Give your nails some high-level endurance and help them grow back to their strong, natural length with this sweet-smelling stuff.

    38. A pack of snake drain hair removers perfect for those of us who shed quite a bit when we shower. Soft enough to bend in many kinds of strainers and pipes, these flexible wands are far more environmentally friendly and far less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners, meaning your drains will thank you later.

    39. A humidifier tank cleaner to tackle the slime, dirt, and general grossness that tends to build up in most home humidifiers, vaporizers, and steamers. With long-lasting, gentle cleaning action, these little buddies keep working for 30 whole days before they need a replacement. Plus, they're really freakin' cute and fun to watch float around.

    40. A pack of light-dimming LED covers if your electronics emit some truly over-the-top annoying brightness when you're trying to enjoy the darkness. Simply stick and peel, and don't worry about them leaving any residue behind when removed.

    The light-dimming LED covers

    41. A leak-proof hanging car trash can bag with adjustable straps so your car can be as clean, sparkly, and tidy as the day it was made. This versatile item can also be used to store toys, drinks, snacks, and various forms of entertainment, making it a total *must-have* for road trips.

    42. A dazzling fire color-changer for both indoor and outdoor fires, in case you've been craving an out-of-this-world light show to add some fun and spectacle to a typical bonfire or cozy crackling fireplace. HINT: They're *amazing* for birthdays surprises!

    Review photo of the fire flame color changer in action

    43. A set of elastic bra-strap holders so you can easily transform any old bra into one that fits like a glove. Reviewers also love that they help you maintain bras for far longer, as they help to NOT stretch out the existing straps (*and* they can also be used for face masks if need be).

    44. And a pack of finely crafted prism suncatchers that make an ~amazing~ present for someone special in your life. You can hang them in any window, or even outside, and watch them dazzle and sparkle, making glorious rainbows as they catch the light. (Oh, and cats love them too.) ✨🌈

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