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    25 Things From PetSmart That’ll Help Solve Even The Most Annoying Problems

    No matter how pesky your pet problem, these awesome products are here to save the day.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A plush Snuggle Puppy behavioral aid dog toy designed to comfort your anxious pooch, relieve their anxiety, and recreate the warmth and "real feel" of their littermate's heartbeats (*so* precious). If they won't stop whining or barking, this little friend might just do the trick.

    The Snuggle Puppy behavioral aid dog toy

    2. An awesome litter box odor eliminator that is certainly nothing to sniff at when it comes to keeping your home smelling good. This powerful blend of essential oils absorbs even the strongest of smells, mixes easily with all types of litter, and is safe for people and pets alike.

    The litter box odor eliminator

    3. A slow-feeding dog bowl great for pooches who gobble down their chow way too quickly. The fun puzzle design encourages them to pace themselves, promoting better digestion and saving you from dealing with an upset stomach.

    The slow dog feeder bowl replacement

    4. A trusty hammock car seat cover with water resistant fabric so your newly-washed backseat won't get furry and dirty so quickly. The special safety barrier also makes it harder for Fido to climb into the front and knock over your morning cup of coffee.

    The hammock car seat cover

    5. A unique cuttlebone bolt-on bird holder that allows your birdie to have a movable perch to happily peck at, making cage clean-up time so much simpler.

    The cuttlebone bolt-on bird holder

    6. A pack of Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean carpet odor eliminator for those times when your fur baby has an accident (it happens) but you absolutely are *not* willing to sacrifice your brand new tufted carpet, nor let it stink up your home.

    The Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean carpet odor eliminator

    7. A stacking three-piece airtight pet food storage container combo plus a matching two-cup food scoop so all that yummy goodness you bought in bulk stays as fresh for as long as humanly possible.

    The chrome three-piece airtight pet food storage container combo

    8. A cute cat flower drinking fountain perfect for picky felines who need a little nudge to stay hydrated. The elevated design prevents dirt and dust from building up, and the constant flow of water keeps the H20 consistently fresh.

    The cat flower drinking fountain

    9. A soothing paw pad shield made with veterinarian-formulated wax so you can say goodbye to cracked, dry, and painful puppy toes on long walks.

    The paw pad shield

    10. An elevated double diner pet feeder to ease neck and shoulder strain and support proper swallowing for your beloved pooch while they "dine in." The no-slip bottom also helps prevent messes and food overflow, which means less cleaning for you.

    The elevated double diner pet feeder

    11. A four-step pet staircase so your fur baby can more easily come give you the morning kisses you covet, whether they're a puppy still learning to climb or an elderly pet in need of extra support.

    The tan four-step pet staircase

    12. A handy ball launcher because let's be honest, grabbing a slobbery toy mid-game really takes the fun out of fetch. This device even throws your dog's beloved ball two to three times further than you can...even if you are a pro baseball player.

    The ball launcher toy

    13. An undercoat deshedding tool that works wonders in removing up to 90% of loose pet hair without damaging the topcoat or causing your pet any discomfort. Plus: the easy ejector button makes clean-up a cinch.

    The undercoat deshedding tool

    14. A covered self-cleaning litter box so you can take scooping off your daily to-do list. The baby does all the hard work for you, and the safety sensors mean it only works when your cat's out of the box. Simply remove and replace the tray.

    The covered self-cleaning litter box

    15. A fast-acting flea and tick treatment for smaller dogs proven to kill all manner of pesky fleas, lice, and ticks and keep them away from and *out of* your precious pup's fur. Apply once a month for long-lasting protection.

    The flea and tick treatment for smaller dogs

    16. An aquarium fish tank scrubber great for getting all of the unsightly gunk and algae out of your water-based animals' tank. It's even got an easy-grip handle to help keep the process as simple and comfortable as possible.

    The aquarium fish tank scrubber

    17. A deluxe pet carrier made from durable, quilted nylon with mesh panels on three sides so you can keep an eye on your pet the entire time they're safely strapped in and under your airplane seat. Bonus: they can poke their head out to check on you, too, which helps them stay calm during travels.

    The black deluxe pet carrier

    18. A container of all-natural hemp allergy, skin, and coat soft chews for dogs with severe dandruff and all issues related to the scratching and sniffling that comes from seasonal allergies. Take away their misery and spend more time playing, less time sneezing.

    The all-natural hemp allergy, skin, and coat soft chews

    19. A ball track and scratcher cat toy ideal for kitties who get restless and easily bored, making them more prone to clawing up your furniture when you aren't paying them enough attention. This toy, catnip included, will keep them endlessly entertained.

    The ball track and scratcher cat toy

    20. A seatbelt tether car restraint that easily buckles into your car, making it perfect for pups who like to squirm and move around *way* too much during drives for your peace of mind.

    The seatbelt tether car restraint

    21. A pack of extra-large dog pads that cover *way* more surface space than your average model. The adhesive tabs help hold them in place, and the helpful pheromone attractant encourages your indoor dog to use the pad, not your new rug.

    The extra-large dog pad

    22. A stainless-steel nail clipper for big dogs and their pet parents who want to always have a good grip while giving their pups a much-needed pedicure. They cut smoothly and easily, which means your dog will stay calm and relaxed (as will you) during the entire procedure.

    The stainless steel nail clipper

    23. A restorative Burt's Bees nose and paw balm created with a highly effective blend of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and protein so you can say goodbye to chapped noses and crusty feet for good.

    the nose and paw balm with listed ingredients of sea buckthorn and kelp

    24. A nontoxic ear and eye pet wash intended for *all* animals, safely cleaning any and all irritants and wounds to their eyes and outer ears.

    The ear and eye pet wash

    25. A delightfully chewy pack of dental dog treats to fight bad breath and promote overall oral hygiene. They're packed with vitamins and nutrients and made to taste your dog, of course.

    The dental dog treats

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