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    27 Lightweight Dresses That Were Basically Made To Keep You Cool This Summer

    Go tell your mother...you're looking (and feeling) cool for the summer.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A patchwork mini dress excellent for twirling and prancing about in the sand or a big field full of sunflowers, all in the glorious sunshine, of course.

    2. An elegant button-up maxi dress you'll be pleased as PUNCH with yourself for purchasing, as it's amazing for everything from summertime weddings to long strolls on the boardwalk.

    3. Or an equally regal floral wrap dress if you'd quite like to cosplay a King's Landing queen from Game of Thrones, or just want to do a photoshoot of you walking barefoot along the beach at sunset. Truly chef's kiss.

    Reviewer wearing the floral white teal dress

    4. A button-down midi dress that all but *screams* summer, it's so darn classic and makes for the ideal wardrobe staple for when the weather gets warm but you don't want to overheat.

    5. An incredibly stylish piped dress you simply *must* wear to a big, important work meeting or event, as no one will be able to take their eyes off you in this stunner.

    6. A beautiful lace eyelet dress featuring an irresistible fitted bodice, a fun, swingy tiered mini skirt, and the most adorable sleeves I ever did see. It's the kind of dress you've been waiting ~all year~ to wear.

    7. A stylish bodycon party dress great for hot summer nights out on the town with your favorite people. Warning: it may just inspire you to stay out dancing until dawn.

    8. A casual tank dress *delightfully* versatile. Wear it to work, out running errands, or for a nice lunch with your family. It's the kind of wardrobe staple you never how much you needed until you put it on. Oh yeah, and it has pockets, too.

    9. An A-line wrap dress so you can say "okay, that's a WRAP, I've found my perfect summer outfit already" (pun very much intended). Easy to dress up or down, it also won't allow an accidental fashion faux pas even if it gets windy out.

    10. A fairy tale-worthy flounce dress that'll make you feel like a pretty lil' cupcake (and princess) when you put it on. Wear it to all your special summer occasions and get ready to wow 'em all.

    11. A cottage-core ruched dress available in an array of pretty pastel and neutral colors perfect to match with sparkly, chunky jewelry and your nicest heels or wedges.

    12. A long, loose sleeveless sundress with pockets (*OH YES*) to throw on when you want to not only stay cool but ridiculously comfortable all day long. Just add strappy sandals, a cute handbag, and off you go.

    13. A boho-style maxi dress which looks *way* more expensive than it actually is, so get ready for compliments galore each and every time you wear it out. Oh yeah, and it also looks fantastic with a big, floppy sunhat.

    14. A stretchy bodycon tank dress that's giving *total* Miami chic in the best possible way, and may just inspire you to take a vacation somewhere warm, tropical, and full of great nightlife.

    15. A striped ruffle hem dress perfect if you want to keep your arms covered and protected from the harsh rays of the sun while still feeling cool as a cucumber and looking cute as a button.

    16. A flared maxi dress excellent for summertime picnics, berry-picking, and amazing outdoor photo opportunities. Trust, this lovely dress will make you want to snap hundreds of photos of yourself in it.

    17. A darling faux wrap dress which might inspire you to go to a summery tea party, sipping Earl Grey and munching macarons, because this dress total gives Alice in Wonderland vibes.

    18. A lightweight linen dress because it's made from the perfect fabric for summer and has fun flutter sleeves to draw attention to your oh-so-stunning shoulders.

    19. Or a beach dress that doubles as a swimsuit cover-up at the shore, lake, or by the pool and is sure to make quite a *splash* this season.

    Reviewer wearing the black multi-colored dress

    20. A stunning tiered ruffle dress to add a little pop of color and pizzaz to your summer wardrobe. Wear it when want to draw the attention of everyone in the best way, you absolute star.

    21. A pretty button-up dress so freakin' deliciously soft and undeniably sweet everyone will be begging to know which pricey boutique you scored it from (and saying oooh là là the second they see you).

    Model wearing the mauvewood dress

    22. A sleeveless bodycon dress that's stretchy, silky soft, and has a little drawstring detail that really ~pulls~ the look together, if you ask me. Hehehe...get it?

    23. A flirty ruffle layer dress to wear on your next vacation abroad (or anywhere tropical and glorious, to be quite honest). Dine in it al fresco, sport it on a boat, or wear it in front of your hotel room mirror and takes selfies galore.

    24. A long cutout maxi dress you'll likely not be able to take several steps in out in public without people tossing compliments at you like summer flowers, plus the bold pattern looks great against any backdrop.

    25. A cushy cocktail dress with blessed pockets featuring a waist belt that can be tied in the front or the back (we love options, don't we?) and colors that reviewers boast look even more lush and beautiful in person.

    26. A playful denim corset dress because you can truly *never* go wrong with good ol' denim, plus it makes for the perfect celebratory BBQ attire.

    Model wearing the indigo dress

    27. And a ridiculously cute 'n' comfortable ruffle maxi dress that not only has pockets (a dream come true), it's the kind of effortlessly beautiful yet incredibly comfy dream dress you've always been wanting. Go on, treat yourself. It's summer.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.