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    27 Pieces Of Clothing That’ll Help You Stay Comfy *And* Cute During The Summer

    Stay stylish, cool, and comfy with these closet staples when the weather warms up.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A smart summer romper seriously *made* for romping around in the sunshine without ever getting hot or uncomfortable. It looks adorable with any shoes you want to pair it with, too. We love versatility.

    2. A pair of highly popular, ridiculously comfortable (and seriously cute) Plaka sandals which are handmade, incredibly durable, *and* will prevent your poor toes from getting all sweaty this season.

    3. A mini high-slit party dress begging to be paired with sparkly jewelry and strappy heels for a glamorous summer night out you'll remember long into the cold, dark months.

    4. A "miserable and magical" T-shirt totally inspired by Taylor Swift's iconic Red era (and the lyrics to her song "22"), so even if you weren't lucky enough to score tickets to the Eras Tour, you'll be seeing stars every time you slip it on.

    Model wearing the t-shirt

    5. A sweet patchwork mini dress you'll want to wear to the beach, out to dinner, on a picnic, in the woods...really, honestly truly EVERYWHERE. It's got the most adorable cottagecore vibe, too.

    6. Or an incredibly stylish piped dress for summer days at the office so you can look chic and fashion-forward without breaking a single sweat...even during a major meeting.

    7. A roomy pair of dolphins shorts with zip-up pockets to accompany you on all your long walks, runs, errand-running, or snuggling up in bed and sleeping with the AC blasting.

    8. A Calvin Klein bralette which is insanely comfy and goes SO well with everything in your summer wardrobe, plus the branded band looks hot if it peeks through your clothing.

    9. A flowy high-waisted split maxi skirt if you want to keep your legs covered comfortably in warm weather all the while getting showered with tons of compliments. Bonus: it looks fantastic with pretty much any top you pair it with.

    10. A trendy pair of high-rise biker shorts because chafing is a real issue in the summer, and these shorts actively prevent against that without the need for any kind of balm needed (plus they're VERY fun to wear).

    11. An adjustable tie-back bandana top for a trendy, fun spin on the usual crop top. Best of all, you can always use it as a hair tie in a pinch, so it makes sense to pack for summer trips.

    12. A bodycon mini skirt to hug every inch of your gorgeous curves just right. It's high-waisted, too, making it easy to wear with a crop or tuck in your fave tee or tank.

    13. A magical Bardot crop blouse with the most ~darling~ tie in the back I ever did see, and many reviewers rave they can go bra-less in it comfortably, which is a win for hot weather.

    14. A fashionable flowy cardigan that drapes over your shoulders and looks *perfect* with jeans and acts as a loose, lightweight cover-up without weighing you down at all.

    15. An easy-going tie-waist dress with pockets to cinch your waist and put a smile on your face every single time you see yourself in the mirror wearing it.

    16. A beautiful lace eyelet dress so you can feel like a wonderous character out of a fairy tale. Whimsical and pretty as a picture, it's also easy to wear and has the most adorable shoulder detail ever.

    17. A sexy cami bustier top with spaghetti straps to draw attention to your gorgeous neckline without the need for a show-stopping necklace. Reviewers say it's also incredibly supportive and doesn't dig. WIN.

    18. An elegant draped wrap skirt that flows across your torso like a waterfall, is soft and stretchy, and provides comfort no matter if you're dining al fresco or going on all-day explorations of your current travel destination.

    19. A fashionable satin camisole so chic it's a guaranteed head-turner, so be prepared for it to be your glam wardrobe staple go-to all season long.

    20. A vibrant two-piece set because some days you simply *cannot* be bothered to pick out separate tops and bottoms that go well together....these pieces ~automatically~ go GREAT together, making it a perfect resort wear go-to everyone who sees you in it will simply love (and covet).

    21. A flared maxi dress for a simple yet sophisticated summertime look that looks good with flip-flops, sandals, or heels, if you're feelin' fancy.

    22. An oversized graphic tee *totally* giving a ~soft grunge~ aesthetic that takes me back to my Tumblr days in the best way. Ahh, simpler times. This tee is so cozy you'll want to sleep in it.

    23. Or a laid-back raglan tee you can wear loose and long or tie at the waist. It comes in *so* many cute color and pattern combos, you may be tempted to buy 'em all.

    24. A retro-style swimsuit so you can give Baywatch vibes all season long. Don't want to to risk anything getting ~accidentally~ knocked out of place mid-swim? Boom, this cute suit has you covered.

    25. Or a strappy high-waisted bikini which boasts padded cups and adjustable everything (we love) which just screams va-va-voom with its eye-catching design and extremely amazing fit.

    26. A mesh top to add an extra layer to your look without letting you overheat. I got the starry sky one and absolutely *adore* it, especially over a super cute bra.