20 Indie Films On HBO Max That Shouldn't Be Ignored

    With theaters closed and Blockbuster productions slowed to a crawl, now is the time to look off the beaten path.

    We hope you love the shows and movies we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of revenue or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh and FYI — platform, prices and other availability details are accurate as of time of posting.

    1. Her Smell (2019)

    Elisabeth Moss as Becky Something on-stage in 'Her Smell'

    2. Eraserhead (1977)

    Laurel Near as the Lady in the Radiator in 'Eraserhead'

    3. Yesterday (2004)

    Leleti Khumalo as Yesterday overlooking a scenic vista in 'Yesterday'

    4. Clerks (1994)

    Jeff Anderson (Randal Graves) and Brian O'Halloran (Dante) having a conversation in 'Clerks'

    5. Unpregnant (2020)

    Haley Lu Richardson (Veronica) and Barbie Ferreira (Bailey) in 'Unpregnant'

    6. Ikiru (1952)

    Takashi Shimura as Kanji Watanabe in 'Ikiru'

    7. Sound of My Voice (2012)

    Brit Marling (Maggie) and Richard Wharton (Klaus) holding hands in front of a group of seven cult members in 'Sound of My Voice'

    8. An Angel at My Table (1990)

    Alexia Keogh as adolescent Janet Frame smoking a cigarette in 'An Angel at My Table'

    9. Belle de Jour (1967)

    Catherine Deneuve (Belle de Jour) kissing Geneviève Page (Madame Anaïs) in 'Belle de Jour'

    10. Grey Gardens (1976)

    Edith Bouvier Beale sitting on her bed in 'Grey Gardens'

    11. Open Water (2004)

    Blanchard Ryan (Susan Watkins) and Daniel Travis (Daniel Kintner) embracing in the water wearing scuba gear in 'Open Water'

    12. Pi (1998)

    Sean Gullette at Maximillian Cohen in 'Pi'

    13. The End (2004)

    A terminally ill man sitting at a table drinking coffee and eating a pastry in 'The End'

    14. The Last Seduction (1994)

    Peter Berg (Mike Swale) and Linda Fiorentino (Bridget Gregory) sitting together in 'The Last Seduction'

    15. Nightingale (2015)

    David Oyelowo as Peter Snowden in 'Nightingale'

    16. Funny Games (1997)

    Frank Giering (Peter) and Arno Frisch (Paul) in 'Funny Games'

    17. Charm City Kings (2020)

    Jahi Di'Allo Winston as Mouse walking down the streets of Baltimore in 'Charm City Kings'

    18. Long Gone By (2020)

    Erica Muñoz (Ana Alvarez) sitting at a diner booth with Izzy Hau'ula (Izzy Alvarez), blowing out a birthday candle in 'Lone Gone By.'

    19. Sisters (1972)

    Margot Kidder as Danielle Breton and three others in the cast of 'Sisters'

    20. A Woman Under the Influence (1974)

    Gena Rowlands as Mabel Longhetti, sitting at a table full of family members in 'A Woman Under the Influence'

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