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    27 Beauty Products That Makeup Artists Swear By

    These high-quality beauty products come ~highly recommended~ by makeup artists.

    1. A super soft makeup sponge set because, let's be real, that one single sponge you've been using for months on end without cleaning desperately needs to be replaced, and affordable little blenders allow you to apply foundation and all liquid makeup with ~effortless~ precision.

    2. A 99-color eyeshadow palette simply chock full o' vibrant, highly pigmented, long-lasting shades including glittery ones if you're in the mood to get a little sparkly. Seriously, you'll never run out of great options with this baby.

    Review photo of the palette

    3. A high-performance makeup brush cleaner to leave your fluffiest tool friends and sponges looking and feeling like brand-new. As easy to use as it is to hold, you may just wonder what your life was like before this miracle-worker.

    4. An E.l.f. power grip primer for the strongest hold for your makeup that your face has ever felt. Not only does this bad boy keep everything firmly in place, it moisturizes your skin, too. Pro-tip: apply evenly and use your fingertips to pat it into your skin, then wait 30 seconds to let it set in before applying the rest of your look.

    5. A L'Oreal Paris true match tinted serum that instantly brightens your skin and leaves it soft, hydrated, and with a flawless finish. As the French say, oh là là.

    Reviewer holding the medium serum

    6. A Make Up For Ever cream palette undeniably versatile and featuring 12 boldly pigmented cream shades for the face, lips, and body. Talk about a triple threat.

    The cream palette

    7. A super affordable mascara that one makeup artist reviewer ~raves~ easily outperforms all of the others they've tried over the years, even the most expensive of brands. Wow. Talk about a winner.

    Review's lashes coated in the mascara

    8. A NYX Professional jumbo eyeliner pencil that glides on easy-peasy and has a bright, beautiful pigment that lasts all throughout the day (or night). 🌙

    9. A soft foundation brush tapered to help guide your makeup without accidentally smudging or over-applying (the worst ), and made with unique vegan fiber tech and custom, silky soft bristles for effortless blending.

    10. An 18-piece makeup brush set excellent for experienced artists and beginners alike. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look at it, they're soft, high quality, and most importantly, reasonably priced.

    11. A NYX Professional butter gloss so soft, silky smooth, and sweet-smelling, you may just be tempted to eat it (hey, no judgment here). Leave your smackers oh-so-smooch-worthy with this decadent, cruelty-free formula. Mwah. 💋

    12. A highly popular Physicians Formula butter bronzer in an ultra-rich formula packed with skin-conditioning fatty acids for a gorgeous finish and lasting hydration. Oh, and did I mention it smells like a tropical vacation? Sign me up.

    13. A Maybelline multi-use concealer sure to become your new fave as it helps erase dark circles, corrects redness, and brightens your skin all in one go. This thing also works really well as a base and canvas for all your other makeup from foundation and BB creams to shadows and eyeliners.

    14. A super fine milled loose setting powder air-spun to absolute ~perfection~ and meant to keep all your hard work and effort properly in place long after you've painted your gorgeous face.

    The setting powder

    15. Or a NYX Professional setting spray if you prefer a good ol' spritz as opposed to loose powder (though truly, you can combine both). Lock in your look and achieve a smooth finish without residue or shine but WITH a permanent glow.

    16. A L'Oreal Paris Magic BB cream with wonderful anti-redness properties in case you're like me and suffer from rosacea but still want that smooth, matte finish you've been craving. Not to mention, it's a GREAT alternative to the usual primer + foundation combo.

    17. A NYX Professional clear brow glue and styler for even the most stubborn of eyebrows. Give 'em a polished, put-together look in just seconds with a clear coat so they look as natural as possible.

    Reviewer's eyebrows before and after using the glue

    18. A must-have flat hexagon foundation brush created with a unique petal design that's easy to hold, soft to the touch, and will help you achieve a poreless finish some mistake for an Instagram filter.

    Reviewer holding the blue brush

    19. A warm nude eyeshadow palette made with the highest quality ingredients and offering an infinite number of dazzling eye looks. Psst: I like to use a good shadow to shape and build out my brows, too.

    20. A portable, three-layered large makeup case that'll fit *all* your essentials and help keep them organized to a tee, from big fluffy brushes and massive palettes to flat irons and curlers, because those are important too.

    21. A Milani powder blush to expertly shape, highlight and contour your cheekbones and face with shimmery, pretty color that doesn't look overdone and is incredibly buildable. Amazing. The super stunning compact design doesn't hurt its appeal, either.

    22. A brilliant lash-enhancing serum you simply apply once daily to your lash line and watch as it miraculously turns short, thin and/or brittle lashes to swooping, long, thick ones in just weeks to months. Use this beauty essential consistently and you'll see a massive difference.

    23. A pack of wispy faux mink lashes for a dramatic look with an easy thin band that blends seamlessly with your natural lash line. Each unique pair comes in the CUTEST glittery colored case, making them incredibly portable and perf for experimenting (or cutting and layering multiple lashes, if that's your jam).

    24. A six-piece matte liquid lipstick set featuring ~gorg~ packaging and velvety, long-lasting, waterproof shades for your luscious lips. Reviewers say they dry fast and look incredible.

    25. A pack of Neutrogena makeup removers which are my personal faves as they're easy to slip into your bag or pocket for quick use, plus are gentle on your skin and really do dissolve all traces of dirt, grime and extra blush and shadow.

    Review photo of the makeup wipes in a bowl

    26. A rainbow eyeshadow palette to put a smile on your face every time you open it and make even the grayest of days feel bright and colorful. Each of the 36 colors are bold, pigmented as heck, and very blendable. Pro-tip: use a color wheel and color theory to help determine which look best when paired together.

    27. And a brush cleansing pad because you absolutely *must* maintain squeaky clean tools after all that hard work and effort applying your face. Simply moisten your brush and swirl through the soapy foam to clean, or remove powder instantly by swiping your brush over the pad's surface. Easy as pie.

    Review photo of brushes and the cleansing pad