Thailand Now Has Its Own Version Of Peggys Cove And It's Adorable

    "I believe that Peggy's Cove will be one of the best theme resorts in Thailand."

    Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia is an iconic Atlantic Canadian tourist spot known for its lighthouse, its cute little houses and fishing shacks, and super-picturesque rocky inlets.

    But halfway around the world — 13,522 km away, to be exact — in Chanthaburi City, Thailand there’s now a Bizarro World version of the Canadian attraction. Peggy’s Cove Resort opened three months ago and bills itself as a "western designed resort inspired by the charm of original Fishermen Village next to the bay."

    Owner Anusit Sahachok told BuzzFeed Canada he came up with the idea after a visit to the real Peggys Cove. "We loved the theme and style of the houses there," he said. He decided to build "a beautiful Canadian fishermen village to show Thai people and inform them the true story of Peggy's Cove."

    His take on a “Western Fisherman Village” is pretty adorable, and picks up on the theme of multi-coloured houses in the real Cove.

    The 38-room resort features quaint wharves lined with solar lights, nautically-themed guest houses, as well as pools, a cafe, and a dining room.

    Sahachok said the resort is aimed mainly at Thai and Asian tourists, and that it's “the first resort [in Thailand] to have a western fishermen village theme.”

    Unlike the notoriously dangerous rocks at the real Peggys Cove, the Thai doppelgänger is located near Kung Wiman Beach. Advantage, Thailand.

    Their seafood looks pretty good, too.

    With balmy average temperatures of 30 degrees, and rooms from just $126-$272 Canadian/night, some Canadians are already super-stoked to visit.