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    5 Excellent Emo Songs By Women

    Because we invented emo.

    1. Colleen Green - "Pay Attention"


    Not being able to get your sh*t together never sounded so good. This punk-influenced piece of power-pop is a perfect lock-your-door-and-jump-on-your-bed jam.

    2. Mitski - "I Bet On Losing Dogs"


    This one definitely won't have you jumping on your bed, but you might want to keep the door locked while listening to this heart-wrenching song. If Mitski's tale of recurring heartbreak doesn't make you cry, her spellbinding voice sure will.

    3. Kittyhawk - "Sunny Day Renter's Insurance"


    Kittyhawk has a classic Midwest emo sound: raw vocals, intermixed soft and chugging guitar riffs, introspective lyrics. The kind of music you're not sure if you want to mosh to or kumbaya about.

    4. Rainer Maria - "Planetary"


    Rainer Maria made an impressive comeback this year with S/T, but this 90s song is an emo classic.

    5. Against Me! - "Trans Soul Rebel"

    Okay so this song is more punk than emo, but definitely worth including. Frontwoman Laura Jane Grace wrote this song about her experience coming out as trans. And it truly rocks.