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    15 Ways To Make Changes Stick

    A New Year means a New You! No matter what your goals are for 2015, this year you can get a leg up on sticking to your resolutions for the long run with research-based tips and guidelines from psychology and mental health experts.

    1. Be afraid and do it anyway.

    2. Don't beat yourself up

    3. Plan small

    4. Be specific

    5. Take your time.

    6. Get a new friend - Start a diary

    7. Break the diet-binge cycle

    8. Calm your feelings without turning to food

    9. Develop your listening skills

    10. Spend more time with the people who matter

    11. Be generous with your L-O-V-E

    12. Pay attention to your relationships.

    13. Think about what motivates people

    14. Remember you are not alone

    15. Keep an open mind about what constitutes healing