The Definitive “Serial” Obsessive Poll

Calling all armchair detectives. How do your opinions of the Adnan Syed case stack up?

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  1. 1. Do you think Adnan Syed is guilty?
    1. Yes, he did it for sure.
    2. No, I think he’s innocent.
    3. Maybe, but there’s something really fishy about the details.
    4. I haven’t decided yet.
  1. 2. Has your opinion of Adnan’s guilt changed since the first episode?
    1. Yes, I thought he was innocent and now I think he’s guilty.
    2. Yes, I thought he was guilty and now I think he’s innocent.
    3. Stayed the same — he’s guilty.
    4. Stayed the same — he’s innocent.
    5. Stayed the same — I’m unsure.
  1. 3. What is Jay’s deal?
    1. He’s telling the truth to the best of his ability.
    2. He’s a pothead — he doesn’t remember anything clearly.
    3. He was definitely more involved in Hae’s murder than he testified to.
    4. He’s hiding something, but I don’t know what.
  1. 4. What is Jenn’s deal?
    1. She’s telling the truth to the best of her ability.
    2. Her memory has been clouded by Adnan’s conviction.
    3. She’s hiding something, but I don’t know what.
    4. Wait, who’s Jenn?
  1. 5. Does the streaker know more than what he told investigators?
    1. No! He’s just a guy who had to take a leak.
    2. Yes! There’s no way he found Hae’s body by coincidence.
    3. Wait, who’s the streaker?
  1. 6. Do you think The Nisha Call is really "a smoking gun"?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  1. 7. Did Adnan's lawyer do a bad job defending him?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  1. 8. Do you think the case will actually resolve itself by the end of the series?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  1. 9. How will you feel if there’s no resolution?
    1. I’d be upset — what a waste of time.
    2. I’d be fine — resolution isn’t the point of the series.
    3. Somewhere in between.
  1. 10. Besides “Who killed Hae?” what is your biggest unanswered "Serial" question?
    1. Where is Jay???!!!
    2. Who really called Nisha?
    3. Who does Sarah Koenig actually think did it?
    4. What does Adnan do in prison all day?
  1. 11. How often do you have to pause and go back because you weren’t paying attention for a second?
    1. Frequently
    2. Sometimes
    3. Never
  1. 12. Have you tried to figure out the case on your own?
    1. Yes, I’ve gone full redditor.
    2. No, I’ll let Koenig do the work, thank you very much.
    3. Eh, I’ve done some light googling.
  1. 13. Are you annoyed by the MailChimp commercial?
    1. Yes, I wish it was Stamps dot com.
    2. Why can’t that kid just say Mail Chimp?
    3. No, I think it’s kind of charming.
    4. “I use Mail Chimp.”
  1. 14. There's a shrimp sale at the Crab Crib.
    1. Sometimes I think Dana isn’t listening to me :(

If you’re interested in sleuthing it out yourself, here are some links to fill up the days between Thursdays:

• Rabia Chaudry, Adnan’s family friend and the lawyer who brought the case to the attention of Koenig, is maintaining a blog with her own findings.
• You can spend hours on the Serial Podcast subreddit, where people share information and discuss their theories.
Slate’s weekly Spoiler Special has editors discussing each episode of Serial as they’re released.
• And Slate’s Hanna Rosin asks whether Sarah Koenig has made up her mind.

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