11 Incredibly Satisfying Everyday Moments As Called By Soccer Announcers

Clear your schedule, it's time to be transfixed.

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1. Tiny moments of triumph feel so good.

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Ohhhhh yeah.

2. Soccer announcers understand this.

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3. They know just how truly satisfying these moments can be.

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5. They know what it's like to celebrate the little bitty things.

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6. True human feats of grace...that just make you feel good.

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7. They know know how wonderful it feels to just let go.

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Morgan Freeman knows.

8. And luxuriate in these mesmerizing things that exist.

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9. It's transfixing really, these oddly satisfying moments.

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10. What a beautiful time to be alive.

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11. Ahhhhhhhhh. So good.

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