Ira Glass May Hate Shakespeare, But He’s Pretty Good At Reciting It

Today on our show, Shakespeare sux.

1. Ira Glass threw some shade at Shakespeare and everybody got really worried about white people, who maybe felt like their two biggest idols were breaking up.

2. But actually, our main man Ira is a big fan of Willy the Shake.

He does a mean Hamlet, tbh.

3. For all his complaining, he does a pretty good King Lear.

The motivation is just so CLEAR.

4. He’s the modern Shakespeare of our time, people. This is a very meta example of Ira using King Lear to express his feelings about King Lear.

5. But if you really want to hear how This American Life can make Shakespeare relatable, check out this classic episode Act V about a prison group performing Hamlet.

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