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22 Absolute Truths Of Being An Optimist

Looking at the upside can get you down.

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1. Being an optimist isn't always easy.

2. You can have high expectations for life working out in your favor.

And sometimes, it doesn't.

3. Which just means you're extra enthusiastic about things.

4. So it's especially offensive when people take ~that tone~ with you.

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5. And when you suggest something positive, they look at you like you're an actual insane person.

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6. Some folks may mistake optimism for lack of intelligence.

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7. And some people think that looking on the bright side means you've never experienced any hardship in your life.

8. Being optimistic about the weather doesn't always work out so well.

9. Unfortunately, being an optimist can sometimes leave you especially vulnerable to jerks who like to see you frown..

10. They take pleasure in contradicting your positivity.

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11. You're the person people depend on to give support and encouragement...

12. ...which is hard, especially when you're not having the best day.

13. Your friends can mistake your optimistic pep talk for a condescending lecture.

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14. And when bad things do happen, it can be hard to keep looking on the bright side.

15. But there is good news! Thinking positive can make you feel good.

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And studies show that optimism can have a positive effect on stress and improve your health overall.

16. And there is an actual study that says optimists are better at saving that sweet, sweet ca$h.

17. Even when it's hard, really hard, your positivity can help other people do their best.

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18. Those motivational posters are true: a good attitude is contagious.

19. So don't let people make you feel bad for looking on the bright side.

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20. And rock your optimism like a weapon.

21. Salute your haters with the knowledge that being an optimist is an amazing thing to be.

22. And take that optimism to the grave.


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