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    18 Books Perfectly Described Using Emojis

    High five/praying emoji + stack of books emoji.

    1. To start the month of August off in style, author Maris Kreizman put some love for emojis into the book universe.

    2. Random House took the cue and the perfection known as #emojireads was born:

    3. Even famously long books managed to fit in 140 characters:

    4. For some people it was better than the movie version of the books. Maybe.

    5. Other publishers got in on the action:

    6. Even though there are a limited number of emojis, they actually do a pretty good job of summarizing things.

    7. Folks even went totally minimalist...

    8. ...two emojis are worth a thousand words...

    9. Why even use words, really?

    10. There's no limit to what kind of book can get the emoji treatment:

    Children's literature!

    11. Weird crazy plays!

    12. Musicals!

    13. In emoji, even spoilers are okay...

    14. ...for some people:

    15. Emojis make sad books seem less depressing:

    16. :(

    17. It's surprising how a limited number of emojis can describe so many books...

    18. But ultimately, you gotta read to get the jokes.

    So read on!