19 Adorable Sounds That Will Brighten Your Day

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that give us the greatest happiness. Here are all the meows, doggie snores and baby sillies you need to get more sunshine in your life.

We all need a little pick-me-up from time to time, so just scroll down and let these sounds put a smile in your heart.

1. First, an old friend is in town to tell you how she feels about you.

Mishka loves you, and you love her right back.

2. Now that you’re feelin’ warm ‘n fuzzy, let this kitten’s purrs and squeaks ease you out of your stresses…

3. …or be inspired by this little lion who just can’t wait to be king.

(Or something like that.)

4. Embrace this lion cub who is really trying hard to roar.

5. And this porcupine named Teddy who is enjoying a delicious mini pumpkin feast.

6. I dare you to not feel happier listening to this precious little meow. I DARE YOU.

7. Even snow monkeys have the cute bug.

8. This little girl who is the cute world champion of the word “what.”

We don’t need to say it anymore, let’s just use this recording of it.

9. Listen to this sloth squeaking above the hum of the cicadas to tell you it’s all going to be all right.

10. And this frog who wants you to believe in yourself.

11. Oh! And this door mouse who wants you to come snooze next to him.

They’re still working on inventing a tiny sleep apnea mask for him, his doctor says.

12. This baby cheetah wants to give you a snuggle, too.

13. Be proud of this Husky who just graduated from howling kindergarten.

14. And this bulldog whose squeaks will melt your face off with cuteness.

The owner may say “no” but you would say yes to anything he wants.

15. Let’s not forget about this baby whose parent has figured out his true calling.

Sign him up for a baby talent show.

16. Ever heard a bunny grunt? Now ya have.

17. And these chicks, who are just so excited to say hi to you!

And you thought your studio apartment was cramped.

18. Only puppies can pull off a snore this cutely.

19. Most importantly, let your heart fill with happiness as you remember this exists:

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