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26 Things Only Podcast Lovers Understand

Grab your earbuds, you're going on an adventure.

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2. You’ve deleted photos/videos of treasured memories to make room for more podcasts.

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Really, who cares about your sister's graduation when there's a new episode of The Memory Palace about a guy who actually mailed himself to freedom in a box.


10. Podcasts have become an integral part of your routine and it feels like something is missing when you miss one.


And the longer you've been listening, the harder it is to quit. Which is why you're addicted to Radiolab and why it broke your heart when The Best Show ended.

12. In fact, the thought of doing most chores without a podcast to listen to is almost unbearable.

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It's almost better to just order in and listen to Al Yancovic explain the myths behind his foodie songs on The Sporkful if you can't listen to podcasts while cooking.


19. You know more about Audible,, Squarespace and so many other random companies than you will ever need to.

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But you don't hate, because they are making your favorite podcasts happen. (But really, WHO IS LEASING POSTAGE METERS? IT IS 2014 PEOPLE.)


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