11 Isolated Vocal Tracks That Prove Pop Stars Actually Sing With Their Souls

The next time somebody tells you that pop music is all lies, send them this as proof. Pity the fool who has to mop up all the REAL left on the studio floor.

1. Beyoncé loves you. Yes, you.

That range, tho.

2. This is the sound of Bonnie Tyler’s actual tears.

Voice crack = falling apart now and forever.

3. It’s OK to be sad about this one.

Forever “too soon.”

4. One Direction with nothing to come between you and them.

Extra echo for pretending you’re alone in a room with Harry.

5. Freddie Mercury murders a microphone using only his voice.

Cause of death: vocal force trauma.

6. The Beach Boys think instruments are irrelevant.

Come for the harmonies, stay for the badoo bop bops.

7. It’s as if Whitney is singing this into her hairbrush just for you.

Life advice: You will never survive this song at karaoke. NEVER.

8. Like a vocal barracuda, Ann Wilson will eat your face off.

Barracudas are voracious, opportunistic predators. (Also don’t mess with Ann Wilson.)

9. Aretha works harder in this song than you ever have in your life.

Every day.

10. And reporting from her ice castle, Idina Menzel.

She’s not frozen. She’s hotter than the surface of the sun. Further research.

11. Decades of flannel and ripped jeans were born in this vocal track.

Including the flannel you bought at Tar-jay last week. RIP Kurt/actual grunge.

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