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7 Ways To Show Up For A Friend Dealing With Tough Stuff During The Holidays

Instead of simply sending ~good vibes~ from afar, here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts for supporting your pals who’ve had a shitty year.

Julia Dellitt • 6 months ago

8 Holiday Survival Tips For Adults With Divorced Parents

For adults navigating the holidays with divorced parents, ‘tis the season of managing complicated relationships, expectations, and logistics — all without pissing someone off or running yourself ragged.

Julia Dellitt • 6 months ago

How To Teach Kids About Money At Every Age

It’s never too early to start talking to your children about money.

Julia Dellitt • 11 months ago

Here's Why You Should Be Honest At Your Postpartum Doctor's Visits

Those mental health forms for new moms at postpartum doctor’s visits? I thought they were for people with serious problems, not me.

Julia Dellitt • One year ago