14 Fails From The Internet This Week That Are SO Funny, You'll Definitely Be Sending The Link To This Article To Your Friends To Say "Look At This"

    For real, my TikTok FYP is not comprehendible.

    Helloooo everybody, and welcome to the weekly post where I round up the best fails posted on the internet in the past week. I hope you love 'em!

    1. This shirt display:

    She laid up with Tony Soprano https://t.co/OansQimji7

    — . (@Notdojaaa) October 14, 2023
    Twitter: @Notdojaaa

    2. This unsolicited confession:

    when I was a kid my dad took me to the circus and I ate popcorn off the floor

    — Tulpa ☭ (@_Tvlpa_) October 10, 2023
    Twitter: @_Tvlpa_

    3. TBH, my FYP is like this too 😕:

    friend: hey have you seen that new tiktok trend
    my fyp: pic.twitter.com/w26OOqA1WF

    — kelsey weekman (@kelsaywhat) October 10, 2023
    Twitter: @kelsaywhat

    4. Modern dating:

    This is how I feel going on a dating app pic.twitter.com/gmbFVsYycO

    — Julia 🦢 (@S0UNDOFMETAL) October 9, 2023
    Twitter: @S0UNDOFMETAL

    5. Getting dragged by a 2-year-old:

    like a month ago i referred to one of the 2yo’s books as “the one where elsa and anna meet a baby moose” and she died laughing and was like no it’s a baby reindeer and now literally every day she goes “remember you made a mistake and said baby moose” like can i live

    — Mary Ellen (@alissacaliente) October 11, 2023
    Twitter: @alissacaliente

    6. This lovely teacher who was foolish enough to doubt this kindergarten student:

    Today I was helping a kindergarten teacher assess whether students could count to 20. One student told me she could count "really high" so I said "well then we'd better get comfortable." She sat me on the floor and then laid down on my lap like a cat and counted up to 112.

    — Caitlin 🚗 🧀 Driscoll (@TeacherOnTopic) October 12, 2023
    Twitter: @TeacherOnTopic

    7. This. But to be fair, it is one of the most beautiful pictures ever taken:

    i was so high last night and thought this was the most beautiful picture i have ever taken pic.twitter.com/9DRaHxIjAS

    — 🆒 (@BiohzZzRd) October 11, 2023
    Twitter: @BiohzZzRd

    8. This scam 🙁:


    — no context memes (@weirddalle) October 16, 2023
    Twitter: @weirddalle

    9. Calling Jigsaw "this thing" LOL I love Swifties:

    he has a name omg https://t.co/Q4IAmFroXH

    — Principal Ava Coleman stan (@1ux1isbon) October 16, 2023
    Regal Cinemas / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @1ux1isbon

    10. This:

    Relatable sign at a museum exhibit. pic.twitter.com/XzmTewPWzP

    — Scott Bryan (@scottygb) October 15, 2023
    Twitter: @scottygb

    11. This baby carrot outfit that has me crying:

    what the hell pic.twitter.com/IgL564UsBE

    — Baby's names (@Babysnames) October 10, 2023
    Twitter: @Babysnames

    12. These results, from an algorithm that apparently will not say "yeah, we don't have that:"

    impressed by the selection on uber eats pic.twitter.com/vSBNWQm1hU

    — Brian Lee 🦇 (@BrianLeeWow) October 15, 2023
    Twitter: @BrianLeeWow

    13. This beautiful paint job:

    No matter how far AI advances it will NEVER beat this picture pic.twitter.com/Xxzpse0Dxw

    — moike (@lilmoike) October 15, 2023
    Twitter: @lilmoike

    14. And finally, a story about the most generous guy in the world:


    — internet hall of fame (@InternetH0F) October 16, 2023
    Twitter: @InternetH0F

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