14 Internet Fails From This Week That Are Funny Enough You'll Probably Screenshot At Least One To Send To A Friend

    The Barbie one made me laugh out loud.

    Hello and happy Monday, my little BuzzFeeders. Welcome back to your favorite weekly post, where I have curated for you only the best of the internet's past weekly fails. Enjoy!

    1. First up, with a strong start, this nightmare scenario:

    Twitter: @No7Sammy

    2. This made me viscerally feel the very real judgment of those cats:

    Twitter: @christapeterso

    3. This set of texts, from this tweet:

    4. Admittedly, I'm undecided about whether this accidental search was decidedly a "fail"...but I really wanted to post this, because it made me LOL.

    Twitter: @heyMAKWA

    5. OK, the fail here is the blood donation place that was rude to this very philanthropic vampire...

    Twitter: @drhingram

    6. This poorly aged tweet from Ms. Boebert:

    Twitter: @julieklausner

    7. This photoshop job. Posting it was not enough, I really do need them to tell me why they made it.

    Twitter: @LolOverruled

    8. This Dracula-esque text. (Though I must admit, I also write like Dracula when not writing things on my beautiful BuzzFeed dot com.)

    Twitter: @jestingtime

    9. This whole exchange, LOL:

    Twitter: @insultsrare

    10. Do you think Arthur went to Turkey or Miami for his nose job?

    Twitter: @PeanutButterGmr

    11. This sisterly conversation:

    Twitter: @full_legal_name

    12. This beautiful juxtaposition:

    Twitter: @zuza_real

    13. This behind-the-scenes look:

    Twitter: @Behind_Pics

    14. And, finally, this poorly-aged SNL clip.

    Twitter: @snlhostsintro

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