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    Posted on Mar 29, 2014

    9 Off-Brand Products That Are Just As Good As The Originals

    Off-brand is the new name brand. Well, at least when you're a poor college student.

    1. Equate Mild Exfoliating Body Wash vs. Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash

    The Equate brand body washes are a whopping $3.47. Dove ranges from $5.47 at Wal-Mart to approximately $8.99 at CVS.

    AND THEY BOTH DO THE SAME THING. The Equate brand actually suds up better than the Dove does.

    2. White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra Comfort Bathroom Tissue vs. Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper

    You'll pay around $5.97 for White Cloud at Wal-Mart whereas Cottonelle runs from $6.97 to $7.99. And Cottonelle wasn't deemed the best toilet paper in America by Consumer Reports! White Cloud, which costs 25 cents per 100 sheets, received a score of 88 determined by softness, strength, disintegration, and tearing ease.

    So while Cottonelle has the cutest mascot ever, it doesn't handle shit as well as the store brand.

    3. Great Value Drawstring Tall Kitchen Bags, 50 count vs. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags, 25 count

    Great Value gives you 50 13-gallon bags for $6.97. Glad costs $5.99 at Target but you're getting half as many bags. Come on, I know you know a deal when you see one. Besides, my Great Value trash bags have NEVER broken or ripped on me. Even when I had it filled to the brim.

    4. Generic Meds vs. Name Brands

    I had bronchitis a few weeks ago and I had to buy some Guaifenesin or Mucinex. Well, Mucinex cost around $22.49 for 40 tablets. Leader Chest Congestion Relief tablets are $3.57 for 50. So I grabbed the latter and they worked just as well as Mucinex does.

    The only difference between name brand and generic medicines are the side chains on the drug. That allows for it to be named as a "different" drug even though the side chain doesn't affect the reaction, which is why generics work just as well as the name brands. I know that's a little deep, but, ultimately, you're saving A LOT of money by staying away from the name brands.

    5. Malt-O-Meal cereals vs. Kellogg's

    For $8.68 you can get 68 oz. of cereal. That's A LOT of cereal. Granted, Kellogg's brands are cheaper, but you're only getting a maximum of 24 oz. in one box for $3.68. So if you wanted 68 oz. of Frosted Mini Wheats, you'd have to pay a little over $10. You see the bang for your buck here, I'm sure. Plus, they taste the same.

    6. Close-Up vs. Colgate Total

    Though Close-Up isn't an off-brand, per se, it is lesser known that Colgate. It's also cheaper. Close-Up costs around $1.89 for 6 oz. Colgate Total is $2.96.

    Close-Up is also a gel toothpaste, something hard to find at this price, that suds up very nicely. All-in-all, it's cost efficient and cleans just as well.

    7. DG Body Women's 6-Blade Disposable Razors vs. Schick Hydro Silk /

    Disposable razors are disposable razors. The only TRUE difference is price. So why not run in your local dollar store and pick up a 3-pack of 6-blade razors for $5.25? Schick Hydro 5 Silk (which only has five weak is that?) is around $7.97. Hell, it's not like we shave during the winter anyway. So don't spend that much on razors.

    8. Equate Pads vs. Always Pads

    Both Equate and Always achieve the same goal of ensuring that you don't get terribly embarrassed in public once your period is on. Only difference between Equate and the basic Always pads is cost. Equate is $3.76 while Always is $5.47 for a pack of 32.

    Side note: NEVER BUY OFF-BRAND TAMPONS! Please never do that to your vagina. Pleaseeeee.

    9. Equate Breakout Control Acne Cleanser vs. Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser /

    Equate has damn good facial products, but this stuff is the Holy Grail. This cleanser is $3.68 while Clean and Clear is $5.27.

    Save money, y'all. Don't be bougie. Don't live beyond your means. You can thank me later once you've saved, like, $30 at the store.

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