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13 French Rap Songs That Are Perfect To Listen To On An Australian Road Trip

This is your emotional road trip journey through music.

1. Oxmo Puccino - Toucher l'horizon


Touch the horizon. This is why you started your journey: not to live a life that you don’t want, but to be thrilled by adventures.

2. Damso - Gova

Capitol Music France

"Gova" is a slang for car. What better song to listen to while you’re on a road trip?

3. Jok'Air - Squale

Sony Music Entertainment

This song is perfect for describing your travel squad - you’re all so hyped to be travelling together that you feel like a pack of sharks strutting down the street.

4. Nekfeu (feat. SPri Noir) - Ma Dope

Polydor Records

This is an ode to the freedom of doing what you want to do. Whatever people back home said about you going on a journey in Australia, it doesn’t matter, as you are following your dream.

5. Orelsan - La Terre Est Ronde

Wagram Music

On every trip, there is always a moment where the excitement goes down a little bit. This song will bring the mood back up and you’ll want to blast it every day.

6. Booba - Au bout des rêves

Barclay Records

This song is about chasing dreams - which is exactly what you’re doing. Be proud of it.

7. Disiz La Peste - Carré Bleu

Polydor Records

Still in that calm state, this song is dreaming about a blue square, the ocean. And you’re definitely in the right place for that!

8. Sofiane (feat. Ninho & Hornet La Frappe) - Longue Vie

Capitol Records

There will always come the time when you lose your mind a little after driving a lot. So scream the chorus along with everyone in the car.

9. Disiz La Peste - Grande Colère

Polydor Records

Time to unleash the madness, you need to unwind!

10. Suprême NTM - Respire

Epic/Sony Records

Now you can start to breathe. It was good to let loose, and now you’re almost at the end of your trip. Take your time and feel blessed for what you are leaving and what you have learned during this amazing journey.

11. Rockin' Squat - Le temps et l'instant

Livin' Astro

Listen to this song and take in everything around you. Travelling is also about the present moment and not chasing time.

12. Tiers Monde - Sans E

Din Records

Let this song remind you of all the people you’ve met on your trip. Without them your journey would have not be the same.

13. Vald - Trophée

Capitol Records

Finally! After surviving the whole journey that you just lived, hopefully you’ve learned a lot about yourself and you’ve lived through some amazing experiences.

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