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People On Instagram Are Turning Evian Water Bottles Into Phone Cases

Apparently, they think the logo is super cute?

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The trend has been around for months. In July website PATRAMAG published an Evian bottle phone case tutorial.

The trend was fueled when when Evian recently released a line of limited edition bottles in Japan.

"I have just put an Evian label inside a transparent protective case that I have bought. (^^) I've heard that it is the trend! (笑´∀`)"


The obsession with Evian isn't limited to phone cases. Around September, people have begun turning the bottles into makeup bags and pencil cases.

They even customize them with cute zippers.

Instagram: @mimsta__gram

"A Evian kit that I made yesterday! In fact, it was rather easy. This is the one that I made for my friend."

"Something cute that I forgot to post ♡"

The logo has also become a popular t-shirt design.

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