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Top 12 Classic Films Every Woman Should See

Not all classic films portrayed the stereotypical degraded role of a woman in society. These 12 films portray actresses playing strong famous female characters.

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2. His Girl Friday

Rosalind Russell plays a woman who is a famous reporter about to settle down. Her ex-husband reporter prevents her from doing so by offering a new story for her to report on.

4. Now, Voyager

In this Film, Bette Davis plays Charlotte Vale, a repressed spinster who makes a major comeback, gaining confidence in her personhood and finding contentment in love.

5. Stage Door

Kathrine Hepburn and Ginger Rodgers along with others, including Lucille ball, all play struggling actresses living together in a boarding house trying to develop their careers while dealing with the reality of life.

6. Gilda

Rita Hayworth plays Gilda, a woman dealing with a love-hate relationship who finds ways to make her past lover jealous and enraged by flaunting her sex appeal and getting involved with various men.

8. Days of Wine and Roses

In this film, Lee Remick plays Kirsten who is introduced to social drinking by her soon to be husband. After they are married their drinking habit evolves into full blown alcoholism and their marriage goes downhill.

9. Jane Eyre

Joan Fontaine plays Jane Eyre who works as governess at Mr. Rotchester's home. She falls in love but struggles under numerous circumstances that keep her apart from Mr. Rotchester.

10. Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn plays a Princess who overwhelmed by her new responsibilities lets loose in Rome exploring and experiencing life. When her adventure is over she comes back a more confident princess, ready to take on her responsibilities.

12. Gaslight

Ingrid Bergman plays Paula who is tormented by her husband into thinking she's gone mad. This highly dramatic role leads her to victory in the end with a bit of revenge.

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