17 Non-Endgame TV Ships That Deserved To Be Treated So Much Better

    I will never get over these couples!!

    1. Kiara and JJ (Outer Banks)

    JJ wears a baseball cap and ratty t-shirt while Kiara stands next to him with her eyes squinted

    2. Nate and Serena (Gossip Girl)

    A close up of Nate and Serena as they share a kiss

    3. Sarah and Hannah (Fear Street: 1666)

    Sarah and Hannah turn to share a look while standing in a dimly lit room

    4. Gúzman and Nadia (Élite)

    Nadia holds her hand on the back of Gúzman's neck as they are about to kiss

    5. Samuel and Carla (Élite)

    A close up of Samuel and Carla as they lean their foreheads against each other's

    6. Omar and Ander (Élite)

    Omar and Ander share a passionate kiss as they stand in the middle of a crowded club dance floor

    7. Robin and Regina (Once Upon a Time)

    Robin stands behind Regina as she looks at someone off screen in disbelief

    8. Kara and Lena (Supergirl)

    Kara sits with her arm around Lena's shoulders as they cuddle on a couch

    9. Bonnie and Enzo (The Vampire Diaries)

    Enzo sits with his lips pursed as Bonnie leans her head on his shoulder

    10. Ben and Devi (Never Have I Ever)

    Devi and Ben share a high five while standing in a closet

    11. Clarke and Bellamy (The 100)

    Clarke points her finger into Bellamy's chest as they stand in a forest

    12. Sabrina and Caliban (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

    Caliban leans against a wooden door while Sabrina looks into the distance

    13. Sam and Grizz (The Society)

    Grizz looks down towards Sam as Sam is mid sentence while they're standing in the woods

    14. Alexis and Ted (Schitt's Creek)

    Alexis and Ted share a kiss while leaning over a table

    15. Hayley and Andy (Modern Family)

    Hayley and Andy lay in a bed cuddling

    16. Nick and Ziggy (Fear Street: 1978)

    Nick and Ziggy stand close together while looking at something off screen

    17. And finally, Beth and Benny (The Queen's Gambit)

    Beth and Benny stand side by side in a half empty conference hall

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