13 Easter Eggs You Definitely Missed In Taylor Swift's "Lavender Haze" Music Video

    Once again, the queen of easter eggs!

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    1. Koi Fish = Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

    2. Midnights Vinyl Case

    3. Taylor and Joe Alwyn's star signs

    up-close shot of a vinyl record case that says "mastermind," with the constellations of sattigatius and pisces

    4. Midnights Vinyl

    a close-up of a record spinning
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    5. "When the morning came we were cleaning incense off your vinyl shelf"

    6. Clock-shaped smoke

    taylor blows smoke in the shape of a clock.

    7. "The guy on the screen, coming straight home to me"

    a man in a suit forecasts the weather in the taylor swift video "lavender haze"

    8. 13 over Taylor's hometown, with rain at midnight

    9. 13 over Michigan

    um hello?? what do you mean there is 13 in tennessee and 13 in michigan on the MIDNIGHT forecast?? MICHIGAN?? where taylor lautner is from?? tennessee where taylor swift is from?? and of course it’s RAINING there???

    Twitter: @hearditfrominez

    The only other location on the midnight weather forecast with a 13 is Michigan, which could possibly be referring to the fact that Taylor Lautner is from Michigan. "Back To December," a huge single from Speak Now, is about him. This could be a Speak Now (TV) egg.

    10. "Our Song" parallels

    11. A very ~bejeweled~ table

    12. Some people think they also see the Speak Now (TV) vinyl peeking out under the Mastermind one.

    maybe im imagining it . but that looks like a speak now vinyl underneath the mastermind constellation one.

    Twitter: @augzuku

    13. So much purple = the perfect segue into Speak Now (Taylor's Version)'s release

    Were there any eggs I missed? Let me know what you found in the comments 👀💜

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