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13 Morning Rituals That Will Energize You

Time to start the day! Use these little rituals for the boost you need to get started. Juiced Up can help!

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1. Hit the snooze button. BAM! ENERGIZED!


2. Check your phone first thing in the morning. CONNECTED! WIRED! ON BOARD!

3. Stay under the covers just a little bit longer. READY TO ROLL!

4. Open the curtains. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

5. Make some coffee. CAFFEINE IS A GO!

6. Eat some breakfast. YES! CARBS!

7. Your morning constitutional... GET INTO IT!

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8. Shave. HOW YOU DOIN'?!

9. Get in a little exercise. GET PUMPED!


10. Get dolled up. BEST FACE FORWARD!

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11. Brush your hair. SO PSYCHED!

12. Try on a couple of outfits. LOOKING FLY!

13. Give yourself a pep talk and get your swagger on. WORLD, GET READY!

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